10 of the Most Pricey Yet Impressive Celebrity Homes

10 Most Pricey But Impressive Celebrity Homes

Although we know that the rich and famous lead a different life altogether, but how different is it? Well, these celebrity homes aren’t just to live in, with them, they make rather a bold and striking statement. Celebrity everyday lifestyle in their multi-million dollar mansion is even better than some of the finest luxury hotels we’ve stepped into.

1. Living Life King Kylie Size!

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How can we talk about “extreme” and not mention the youngest/richest/most famous women of the Kardashian clan? Kylie Jenner owns multiple luxury properties, the recent of which is the $35.6 million worth mansion in California.“The spacious compound provides seven bedrooms and 14 bathrooms and even has 20 parking spaces for Kylie’s several luxury cars,” says People’s magazine.

2. Jennifer’s Dreamy Bel-Air Home

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Living in the $21million worth property, Jennifer Anniston’s home is a classic mid-century delight; Jennifer embodies her classy vibe in her luxury home. The home quite effortlessly imbibes the actress’s personal statement, which is“sexy is important but comfort is essential.”

3. Donatella Versace’s Vacation Villa

10 Most Pricey But Impressive Celebrity Homes

Versace family has stormed the world, time and again, with their statement apparel but their influence isn’t just in the fashion industry alone. The real estate owned by the family is equally riveting. Donatella recent property purchase was a vacation villa in Italy for $5.6 million. With this, another fabulous house has been added to the family’s fabulous real estate collection.

4. Robert Downey Junior’s Windmill House is a “Real Deal”

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No, unfortunately, we won’t be talking about the unrivaled Stark Mansion. But, Robert’s Windmill House in the Hamptons is all worth the splurge of extra money that went into it. Quite opposite to his futuristic stark mansion, this house is a late-19th century windmill house, which is rebuilt to be a full-fledged luxury residence.

5. Ellen DeGeneres Balinese-Style California Home

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Priced at $27 million, Ellen’s property has been regularly listed as some of the best Hollywood properties (she has had many). Being explicitly interested in beguiling estates, DeGeneres current residence in the Montecito community of Santa Barbara feels like a luxury full-blown Bali vacation in California.

6. Lionel Richie’s Renaissance-inspired Home

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Richie’s 28-room Renaissance-inspired residence brings the yesteryears back, but the house is filled with modern amenities.“I feel about my home the way I feel about my music: You have to take chances,” the singer-songwriter, Lionel told the Digest. “When I wrote All Night Long’ as well as Three Times a Lady,’ it was dangerous because at the time black guys were singing neither calypso songs nor waltzes. But since you only get one shot at life, let’s make it a challenge. That’s how I feel about this house.”

7. Ralph Lauren’s Norman-Style Residence 

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The English seasoned interiors of the mansion with the RL nametag attached to it, we expect nothing less from Ralph Lauren than a marvel mansion. The ‘Norman-style’ residence was initially built in 1919, and is “a combination of ‘hunting lodge’ and ‘stately home’.Talking about the house, Ralph Lauren stresses that it is simply an interpretation of Englishness, and not a reformation of it.

8. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Spiritual Retreat

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Spread across 150 acres in Malibu, California, Jada, and Will’s house is nothing less than a spiritual retreat priced at $42million. The entire structure was built by hand, which is unique in its own sense. Their mansion has 9 bedrooms, a studio, pool that looks more like a lake pond, multiple sports courts, and other nooks as well.

9. Bill Gates and Xanadu 2.0

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Bill Gates isn’t exactly a celebrity, apart from the fact that he kinda is; when it comes to his the creations (irrespective of what it is), they have to be impressive. Xanadu 2.0, Bill Gates residence is located in Medina, Washington, and is worth a whopping $127 million. But we haven’t even started with its unique features. Apart from the (un)usual 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, and a reception hall, the property also has a 60-foot swimming pool with an underwater music system, a 21,000 square foot library, and an underground cave.

10. Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion

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Oh boy, do we have all the guys’ attention? Playboy mansion is often termed as a hedonist’s paradise. Owned by the notorious founder of playboy magazine-Hugh Hefner, the mansion was later purchased at $100 million after his death, in 2017. The premise was regularly used for wild parties and A-list guests who brought even wilder glamour.

These luxury celebrity houses are admirable, making us wish that we had such lavish spaces. Does any of these look similar to your idea of a dream home? Let us know!

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