10 Tips to Make the Best Use of Technology in Govt Job Exam Preparation

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While rise in unemployment is in surge nowadays, jobs specially government jobs have become “golden goose which lay golden eggs” for a majority of youth in India. But still, Indian young youth are trying hard to crack the stringent procedure of hiring process. Having a government job and being a government employee is a dream for many aspirants in India and over in the last couple of years it has been noticed that the number of applicants are increasing. The major factors behind this surge are the job security and the uniform growth which government jobs provide.

Vacancies in govt jobs are so scarce that the entrants in each post of the specified jobs are minimal and the selection procedure is very stringent. There are several rounds of tests which an applicant would need to pass before getting appointed. The level of competition is highly cut throat that even a difference of 1 or 2 marks can result in failure. Hence, candidates need to put in a lot of efforts to crack the Govt. examination.

With huge numbers of candidates present for a given job post under any category, there is an urgent need for focused and strategic preparation plans for candidates. The coaching fees in some instances are exorbitant and not everyone can afford it.

In today’s digital era, technology has arrived as a boon for aspiring candidates who are preparing for various govt job exams. It provides immense resources and materials and that too with little investment.

Best use of technology can only happen if we can be able to extract cent percent according to our needs and requirements and filtering out the unnecessary stuffs which are unwanted.

Following are some tips on how to use technology properly to prepare for government job exams:

1) Educational Websites
With the presence of all the material online, students need not step out to go to coaching classes. There are plenty of educational websites from where aspirants can study. Online study even has a provision of bookmarking the web pages for future reference.

2) Online Study Material
Downloading study materials such as PDFs, e-books, question papers, mock tests, test series, from online is the easiest way to study and know the subjects in and out.

3) Video Lectures And Classes
YouTube and other video platforms are not only for entertainment. In fact, a huge population of students heavily rely on video learning where the lecturer explains each and every concept of the subject along with proper illustrations.

4) Audio Preparation
Audio preparation is also a powerful medium of studying when it comes to technological advancement. It is easily available in the form of eBooks, instructional podcasts and lectures. The system keeps reading the material and all we need to do is listen and make notes.

5) Mobile And Web Applications
With the presence of mobile and web applications, online studying has become completely free and available just at one clip. Applications generally come all in one. They contain theory along with video lectures, case studies mock tests, sample question papers, tests etc. They often send notifications on new updates as well.

6) Online Discussion
We can post our queries or demand for discussion regarding any topic. Solution will be provided as per the questions by the websites or portals for the student to understand better.

7) Online Tests
The advantage of online study is that we can take as many online examinations as possible. This will not only sharpen our knowledge but gives us a lot of confidence as well.

8) Online Personality Development
After cracking the exam, there will be interviews as well where majority of students mainly because they fail to impress the interviewer. Online videos and materials on how to develop personality, what to say and what not to say, and increase confidence etc.  are available to overcome the fear of examination.

9) Digital Notes
There are several note taking apps such as ColorNote, OneNote, Evernote, which will do the trick. We can end up losing our notebooks but digital notes will remain secure and saved in our devices. We can also easily search from vast amount of notes whereas in case of tangible notebooks, we have to look into one copy from another till we find what we are looking for.

10) Instant Updates
Subscribe to Facebook pages and YouTube channels of various tutors for regular updates and new approaches to adapt for preparation.

Oh ho! I forgot to say one thing, “BEST OF LUCK”.

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