10 Useful Shoe Hacks

10 Usefull Shoe Hacks
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Your shoes, sneakers, heels and other footwear are all part of your personality. Therefore it is sole our own responsibility to make sure that they are in their best condition before wearing them.

Here are some Do’s and suggestions which you can use on your old shoes and make them presentable, comfortable and give them a new look.

  1. Regular Polish your Leather Shoes
    When you are about to wear your leather shoes, make sure that they look at their best and this can happen by polishing them. It is suggested to polish your leather shoes every time before you put them on so that they can be their best. If this is not possible for you at least you can rub them before wearing.
  2. Remove Stains
    There are lots of home remedies available on the internet today by which you can remove stains on sneakers, canvas, leather, and other footwear. Things can be used like an eraser, toothpaste, soapy water and even with bread crumbs. Also on surfaces like leather nail paint remover can be used to clean the stains.
  3. Give your Footwear a New Life
    Footwear like heels, stilettos, etc. can be more comfortable and wearable if you can just use things like heel replacement caps or heel protectors which prevent them pestle out, sinking and getting an off shape.
  4. Old to New
    Even small hacks like attaching pretty looking bows, flowers, applique to any blank footwear. Even nowadays people are writing random quotes and words on plain footwear to give them a designer look similar to the brands like Saint Laurent, Air Jordan, Balenciaga, etc.
  5. Flip Flop Issue
    Loosing or detaching of a strap of flip flop/slippers is very common. You can use things like a bread tag or flat washer to reattach and hold the strap from preventing it to lose again.
  6. Bad Odor
    Gordy odor not only makes the environment gross but also hampers your personality if you are needed to remove your footwear at a public place. It can be removed by using tea bags in the shoes which stinks. Also, you can use your own deodorizing spray by using an equal amount of rubbing alcohol, apple, vinegar and few drops of tea tree oil. Even the talcum powder works if you use it before wearing your shoes.
  7. Slipper Soles
    The remedy of slippery sole is very simple that you can fix it by using a couple of adhesive bandages at the bottom or even glue/glitter do also support in preventing them from slipping away.
  8. Waterproof your Shoes
    You do not need to buy any sprays or solutions make your footwear water resistant. Instead you can do it by simply rubbing a wax candle on them and ensure the coating on it by using a hairdryer.
  9. Tie Shoe Lace to No-Ties
    No-ties shoe lace is an evolution on its own way which helps your shoe converts from a tie able shoe to a non-tie able shoe. Now there will be no tripping and constant effort on making sure that the knot is strong enough to hold. This helps to become your footwear to slip-ons. One size works for everyone as it is stretchable and also you can customize your size as per your need.
  10. Wet Shoes
    Wet shoes are a case to bother as it hampers the life and quality of the footwear, especially in leather section. If your leather wear ever gets wet, fill your shoes with crumbled newspaper and keep them under the sunlight so that the moisture can be absorbed.
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