4 Documentaries that you’ll Never be Able to Watch

4 Documentaries that you’ll Never Be Able to Watch

2020 is the year of watching old documentaries. Not only do we have enough time on our hands to watch whatever we want, but this particular informative class is also in huge demand after various documentaries predicting the pandemic surfaced the internet. The conspiracy theories are giving more light to this particular genre, though several documentaries are available to watch for free there are still many missing. Let’s learn about the 4 most exciting documentaries that you’ll never be able to watch.

1. Sikkim – 1971

4 Documentaries that you’ll Never Be Able to Watch

A masterpiece created by Satyajit Ray who is considered India’s greatest director was double-banned – by the film’s commissioners and the Indian government.

The documentary was made on the request of the king of Sikkim, but after Sikkim became an Indian state, the film was banned. According to Ray, “The end is very lively, very optimistic, with children, happy, laughing, smoking, singing. The whole thing builds up into a paean of praise for the place.” Maybe the smoking part was one of the reasons the film was banned.

2. The Sweatbox – 2002

4 Documentaries that you’ll Never Be Able to Watch

The Sweatbox was a documentary that narrated the truth about how it what like to work for Disney. The documentary revealed the unpleasant circumstances that the employees were exposed to in the company.

One of the reviewers who viewed the film said that “Rarely have artists been caught so evocatively in fear of executives, or executives portrayed as so clueless as to how to deal with artists, how to resolve story problems and how to understand what audiences wanted.” The documentary was not released after Disney acquire its rights.

3. Let It Be – 1970

4 Documentaries that you’ll Never Be Able to Watch

They didn’t let a documentary named ‘let it be’ be. This documentary revealed the truth about the break-up of the popular band The Beatles

According to an insider report “There was much more stuff of John and Yoko, and the other three didn’t think that was appropriate because they wanted to make it a ‘nicer’ movie. They didn’t want to have a lot of the dirty laundry, so a lot of it was cut down.” The film wasn’t released to maintain the image of the legends associated with the band. Hiding the truth to maintain Legacy, reminds us of China.

4. Traces of Death – 1993

4 Documentaries that you’ll Never Be Able to Watch

Traces of Death is a documentary that features real images of death and suffering, with limited contextual framing outside. It was considered to have the potential to corrupt the audience. The film was banned in the UK as it has no educational or journalistic justification and is considered a disturbing project.

Isn’t it sad that we won’t be able to watch all these great documentaries ever? But even though we can never watch these banned documentaries these will always remain in the list of documentaries that were most awaited. Well, the world isn’t always fair after all.

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