5 Hilariously Honest B-Town Celebrity Slogans!

Celebrity Slogans!

Bollywood personalities have their own vibe. You can make that out with their style and choices. No matter what character they play, you can imagine what they will be like in real life. Take our slay queen Kangana! ‘Tum aur tumhare pitaji ke paas toh duniya bhar ka paisa hai,’ is something that the internet (and Hrithik) can never forget.  Here are 5 Bollywood actors and their honestly best suited slogans!

1. Radhika Apte- Jab bollywood na hazam kar paya toh Netflix kaam aya!

Celebrity Slogans!

The sassy actress who tried making ‘Shor in the city’ could not really soar high on the box office. However, this not-so-gori chhori proved that fair-and-lovely-obsessed entertainment industry needed a star with better talent. She picked up net series and was critically acclaimed for her performances in Ghoul, Lust Stories, Sacred Games and Stories by Rabindra NathTagore. Her versatility has got her andhadhun trust of getting success from the makers in the entertainment industry.

2. Jimmy Shergil- Tumhe katwane ke liye main hi milta hu?

Celebrity Slogans!

Tanu left him for Manu, when he finally found a lookalike, Manu took her away too. His wife betrayed him with the gangster, his mistress was killed by his wife, his bride was taken away by his yaar and before you begin sobbing for this poor soul, it’s clear that Jimmy has had poor luck with women on screen.  He is the deity of sacrificing love.  His handsome looks, to-die-for features and amazing acting skills has still not helped him to get his women and live happily ever after. We pray that he gets a movie where he can proudly take his women with him at the end of three hours.

3. Tusshar Kapoor- Meri chuppi zyada mehengi hai!

Celebrity Slogans!

This man has proven that it’s possible to earn crores without uttering a single word! Before you think, ‘MAYA-O, how is it possible?, “Let us tell you that Tusshar has successfully shot 4 successful Golmaal series without saying a word, not even in dream sequence. Infact, we have already forgotton what he sounds like. Amit ji should use his actual voice for KBC audio question, We’re sure nobody will be able to crack that!

4. Karthik Aryan- Orignal nahi, toh jugaad hi sahi!

5 Hilariously Honest B-Town Celebrity Slogans!

He replaced Saif in Love Aaj Kal, he replaced Akshay in Bhool Bhulaiyya 2, he replaced Sanjay Kumar in Pati Patni and Woh and he has also signed up Dostana 2. No guesses there, Karthik is the jugaad against the original in the sequels. He has good acting skills (Problem? Problem ye hai ki wo ladki hai… aur bas yahin India pighal gaya!) but we are not sure how his boyish looks and puppy eyes will help him get depth in the character.

5. Nawazuddin Siddiqui- Kabhi Kabhi lagta hai apunich bhagwan hai!

5 Hilariously Honest B-Town Celebrity Slogans! (2)

His blood doesn’t boil before his mom’s wakeup call, he asks for ‘Permeesan’, he gets pissed when people don’t let him do his reporting job sincerely, he helps munni reach home and free bajrangi bhaijaan and his philosophies are kick-ass (Pehli baar dimag ka… umm.. you know the rest). Nawaz has proved that he is literally the bhagwan of successful cinematography production. You cast him in movies or web series; he will blow your mind.  His crudeness and acting approach is a real crowd pleaser. As soon as he utters a dialog, it becomes a trend. No wonder, yehi-ich bhagwan hai.

Do you have such slogans for more Bollywood movie stars? Comment and tell us in the section below!

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