5 Reasons Why You Should be Well Dressed Even When Working From Home

5 Reasons Why You Should be Well Dressed Even When Working From Home

Yup! We are in a lockdown. Offices are shut off, the entire Indian workforce is operating from home and this is sadly the new ‘normal’ with no intimation of going back to how it was. The whole COVID situation has changed the way we lived our lives 9to5. These days, it’s just waking up, taking a shower (or not), changing back into new pyjamas and get glued to our systems till the sun goes down. While the ‘office formal wear’ lies hibernating, undisturbed in the closet, there are good reasons why you must dress up even during work-from-home amid lockdown. Take a look!

1. Clothing Affects your Attitude

Clothing Affects your Attitude.

This is a very natural phenomenon. When you know that you are looking impressive, it tends to show in your work. You feel much more energetic and ready to take on challenges. Plus, in a situation where we are put into social isolation, it is essential to keep yourself in a positive attitude to pass through this phase. The concept of power dressing also comes from the same idea.

2. It Emits a Positive Influence

2. It Emits a Positive Influence

Even when we are working from home, we tend to have a lot of virtual meetings. Most of these meetings are impromptu. Dressing up can help to maintain positive influence by making a statement that you are committed and devoted to your office during work hours which is excellent for your professional image. When you dress up in formals, you carry an image of professionalism and authority.

3. Clothing Affects your Mood

3. Clothing Affects your Mood.

Wearing your favourite silk blouse or curves-complementing pencil skirt elevates your mood automatically, isn’t it? When you know you are looking good, it affects your mood enormously. You tend to be more productive at work and react positively to stressful events. Dressing up enhances your overall personality. That gives you better chances to put your points in a meeting and get quick approvals along with undivided attention.

4. Its Keeps you Feeling Fresh and Clean

4. Its Keeps you Feeling Fresh and Clean

When you know that you do not have to go anywhere, it’s slightly challenging to get up on time, take a shower and get ready. It is true that if we are not dressed to face the world, there are little chances that we are actually prepared to face the reality of work. Which such working the lifestyle, one can permanently fall into maintaining poor hygiene leading to lack of confidence and lousy work practice. On the other hand, dressing up daily after a shower keeps your mind active and sharp eating in quicker and better deliveries.

5. It becomes a Boundary for Others

5. It becomes a boundary for others.

No matter how much we try, not all of us get an opportunity of working from home without being disturbed. We have kids, parents, friends, housemates, or even domestic help who might not understand the difference between ‘us at home’ and ‘us at work’ without a visual clue. Wearing formals and then switching to casuals can differentiate your ‘shift’ and keep interruption to a minimum.

It’s scientifically proven that our bodies appreciate comfort and due to that, it consciously or unconsciously, reacts to this comfort by shutting down the practical parts of our brains. Thus, it’s natural to experience laziness and drowsiness, which is not suitable for your career. Working in pyjamas may feel fun for a couple of days, but when done for a prolonged period, you will feel your productivity wear off.

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