5 Things Cricket Lovers Can Do during Quarantine

Are you a sports freak? Is it tough to stay indoors and miss out on the fun in playing cricket? Well, while the streets and the playgrounds await you after the lockdown, indulge in some activities that keep you entertained and connected with cricket. Have a look at these 5 things that you can do.

1 – “The Test” Amazon Prime Series: If you are a true cricket lover, it is highly recommended to watch “The Test”, A series on Amazon Prime. It is a story based on the roller coaster career journey of Australian cricket team, starting from the ball-tampering scandal in South Africa in 2018 and lows they faced despite being one of the most dominant team at home.

2 – Cricket Games: Obviously you can’t go out in the lockdown, so cricket mobile games are a very good idea which can help you out of boredom. Mobile games like World Cricket Championship, Real Cricket, Stick Cricket, Cricket Tycoon are some very exciting games on which you can bank upon. Nevertheless, the laptop/desktop version is also something which you can consider such as Cricket 2019, Don Bradman Cricket 17, Ashes Cricket, etc.

3 – Trivia: The iconic memories of Kapil’s catch in 83 final, Dhoni’s last-ball six, and Sourav Ganguly’s shirt wave in Lord’s balcony are some memories which an Indian cricket fan can never forget. This can be the best time to watch all the favorite and memorable matches. Even you can listen to their interviews and Podcasts such as 22 Yarns, Edges, and Sledges, Breakfast with Champions are some entertaining shows which will keep you engaged during this time.

4 – Being a Cricket Pundit: Everybody is a cricket pundit in India. But when it comes to actual knowledge with stats, most people lack that, which gives you an opportunity to stand out. There have been some fantastic cricketing eras starting from Bradman’s invincible performance to Ruthless West Indians or Mighty Australians. This is the time where you can rebuild your knowledge of cricket, and check some interesting facts and stats.

5 – The last and the most important: Even if you are a cricket lover and die-hard fan, in this unprecedented time, you have to stay safe and stay inside so that not only your family’s but many lives can be saved around the world. Every day, there is an increase in the number of cases around the world so it is our duty to maintain the importance of social distancing and hygiene. Every cricket buff might be missing playing their favorite sport, but saving humanity is above all.

5 Things Cricket Lovers Can Do during Quarantine

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 13: The sculpture of “Yabba” is seen with empty stands after Cricket Australia announced no public will be admitted to venues for the three-match series during game one of the One Day International series between Australia and New Zealand at Sydney Cricket Ground on March 13, 2020, in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

“After all, when this is over, we want the stadiums filled and not empty stands due to lives lost. Let’s Play, Pray and Stay Indoors together………”

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