5 Unusual Kids in the World You Will Be Shocked to Find Out

5 Unusual Kids in the World

Everybody is unique. Mother Nature has made sure that each one of us stands different with our beautiful selves by way of complexion, eyes, hair, features, body shape, and even more. But, few of her unusual creations have caught our attention and left us staring in awe. Here are 5 extraordinary kids who are blessed with exceptional physical features or rare mental abilities. Take a look!

1. Muin Bachonaev

5 Unusual Kids in the World

Girls, if you’ve been splurging on mascaras to get long eyelashes, here’s someone who could leave you feeling jealous. Muin Banchonaev, an 11-year-old boy from the Russian capital of Moscow, is naturally blessed with long eyelashes measuring about 2 inches. Miun’s father, Zaidullo Bachonaev, revealed that the boy’s lashes touched his lips when he was born! But, this pretty doe-eyed boy says that he is comfortable with his lashes and is more interested in playing soccer. Oh boy!

2. Elise Tan Roberte

5 Unusual Kids in the World 

While we were still sleeping for most of the day and crying for our baby food after 16 months of being born, Elise spoke her first words when she was just 5 months old. This child prodigy began walking when she was 8 months and by 16, she could read her name and count upto 10. By the time she turned 2 years old, she could count in Spanish and knew all the capitals of countries in the world. Woah! Elsie is recognised as the most intelligent girl in the world with an IQ of 156, that’s just 4 points less than the Albert Einstien, the greatest scientist of all times.

3. Milliana Worthy

5 Unusual Kids in the World

While you might shell thousands of bucks to get moonlit silver streaks on your hair, this pretty baby was born with bi-coloured hair. This genetic anomaly comes from the previous two generations of her family. Scientifically speaking, this mutation is called an Achromotrichia or a lack of hair pigmentation. This condition, like Milliana, is also followed by vitiligo. Yet this sassy little girl aces her bi-coloured hair and skin like a boss! Cheers to you, little diva!

4. Jare Ljalana

5 Unusual Kids in the World

Babies and children always look cute, but this little girl can leave you hypnotised with her beauty. Hardly 5-years-old, this little Nigerian girl looks just like a doll with her flawless complexion and striking pair of eyes. She was discovered by the world when her mother decided to post her pictures online. Right after that, her snaps ended up attracting more than 50,000 likes worldwide, and in no time she turned into a celebrity. The girl is now a child model and already has significant assignments from popular brands in her kitty.

5. Madden  Humphreys

5 Unusual Kids in the World

Given a choice to be born with either blue or green eyes, what will you choose? Apparently, madden chose both and was born with two beautiful coloured eyes. However, it wasn’t all rosy since he also was born with a cleft lip that made him feel segregated. The sweetest thing happened to him when he found a cat with precisely the same genetic condition as his. They make quite an extraordinary pair.

Each of these 5 special kids must have a fantastic story to tell. Such children are inspirations for us all, whether it is training to live with medical conditions, ignoring the public staring, answering insensitive or weird questions, or learning to master their impressive skills!

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