5 Women in the World with the Most Unique Beauty!

5 Women With The Most Unique Beauty

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. In fact, there is a saying which goes — beauty lies in the eyes of the onlooker. Being beautiful is being different. It’s standing out in the crowd. Actually beauty is natural and thus everybody is beautiful in their own way. However, here are 5 people who have gained popularity because of their unique looks and naturally gifted features! Take a look!

1. Khoudia Diop


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If you’ve always thought that fairness is the only attribute to beauty, meet Khoudia Diop, a Senegalese model who has proven that a darker skin can leave you dumbfounded. She is also called Melanin Goddess. FYI, Khoudia says that she had to face a lot of bullying before she turned into a model. She is blessed with the darkest skin tone on the planet and oh boy, dare stop yourself from crushing over her, we challenge you!

2. Dominecka Markova


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If you have imagined what magnetic eyes really look like, meet Dominecka. This Slovakian beauty inherits moon silver eyes from her father. Her misty icy eyes gleam like dewdrops on her face making her look spectacularly beautiful. She has been crowned Ms. Slovakia in 2015.  Try not to be hypnotized by those gleaming pair of eyes!

3. Anastasiya Knyazeva


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Meet the real-life doll, Anastasiya Knyazeva, a 7-year-old Russian model who is believed to be the world’s most beautiful child. Anastasiya’s Instagram account was made in 2015 and she has crossed over 2 million subscribers surpassing even the biggest celebrities on the social media platform. She has already modeled for famous companies such as Amoreco and Kisabiano. Oh my god, such a breathtaking beauty! Can’t wait to see her charm when she’s all grown up!

4. Ekaterina Mironenko


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Talking about eyes, it’s not just about the color; it’s about the shape too! Here’s Ekaterina whose eyes can leave you spellbound. Nope, she isn’t an anime character but her eyes are literally saucer-shaped with a hue of blue crystal marble. Ekaterina is a 25-year-old Russian model, Instagram influencer, journalist, and photographer.

5. Harnaam Kaur


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Harnaam Kaur is a UK model, anti-bullying activist, a life coach, and a motivational speaker living in London, Great Britain. Kaur was diagnosed with PCOD at the age of 12. As a result, she developed a condition called hirsutism or the growth of more than normal hair on the body. Kaur tried her best to remove the hair due to constant bullying, failing each time. She then decided to embrace herself and then grew a full-on beard! And you guys, she looks bad-ass hot! Now that’s how untouched beauty looks like!

There are many such examples where people have been bullied but then celebrated for their originality and rawness. If your confidence shrivels on being dusky or too skinny, remember that you are beautiful and unique in your own way! If you don’t feel comfortable about being you, no one will. There is no definition for beauty, there no ideal size. Thus, embrace your true self. Cheers to that girl!

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