6 Berserk World Festivals Dedicated To Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

Did you know that about 40% people in India are vegetarians and solely rely on fruits and vegetables to survive? Indian subcontinent has the maximum number of vegetable-eating population. In fact, there are about 375 million vegetarians in the world who refrain from anything that has to do with meat. Different shapes, size, colours and nutritional value make fruits and veggies an awesome superfood. Perhaps that’s the reason why people around the world massively celebrate festivals with fruits and vegetables. Here are 5 cool festivals that celebrate fruits and vegetables. Take a look!

1. Grape Stomping Festival- USA

Fruits and Vegetables

This festival literally involves crusting wine grapes with your feet to release their juices and begin the wine-making process. While it may make you raise your eyebrow at first, it is a tested method of crushing grapes. Many modern experts actually believe its fermentation is faster and smoother than other processes. While you can enjoy stomping mushy berries anywhere in the USA wineries, one of the remarkable festivals is put up in Hunt Country Vineyards in New York. However here, it’s not just-for-fun, it’s a competition and the winning pair who stomp on the most grapes gets a prize. Cool, isn’t it?

2. La Tomatina- Spain

Fruits and Vegetables

In August 1945, La Tomatina Festival began, when some young people were spending their time in the town square in the parade for figures of the giants and the big-heads. In the zeal of performance, one of the participant’s mask fell off and in the fit of rage, he began throwing tomatoes on his way. The hurling became infectious and in no time the entire gathering began throwing tomatoes at each other. However, the drama doesn’t end here; the festival was banned many times leading to dramatic protest before finally getting officially accepted in 2002.

3. The Pineapple Festival- Thailand

Fruits and Vegetables

The pineapple festival of Thailand takes place every year on June 2. The Thai people have been celebrating it together for decades. The festival features dance shows, farming shows, and decorated fruit carts, the fruit exchange, etc. The festival organizes a lot of games and enjoyable events. Pineapples are awarded as prizes to all game-winners.

4. The Pumpkin Festival- Germany

Fruits and Vegetables

For nearly two long months, Germany celebrates the pumpkin fruit. For the festival, there are over 500 varieties of pumpkins. The Germans hold a sea race for pumpkins. By the conclusion of the event, the winning pumpkins are cut. The festival features approximately 400,000 different species of pumpkins. A very similar festival is also conducted in New Hampshire, USA right before the Halloween where Pumpkins are cut out and carved out as scary ghosts with lights inside.

5. The Mango Festival-India

Fruits and Vegetables

Referred to as the ‘King of Fruits’, there are over 500 varieties of mangoes in India. The International Mango Festival is organized in the beginning of July by The New Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation. Farmers from all over India gather to share various experiences at this International Mango Festival. The event shows all mango types and varieties that are grown. Throughout the entire event traditional dance shows and songs are performed in praise of the famous fruit king – the mango. Many contests, quizzes are hosted at the show where the winner takes home kilos of mangos.

6. The Orange Festival In Amsterdam

Fruits and Vegetables

On the great day known as “Orange day,” Queen’s day, or the day of the King, the orange festival is celebrated in Amsterdam. Everyone celebrates orange, eat oranges, and wear dresses in orange on this day to celebrate the birthday of the king. Balloons, shoes, boats are all in orange marking the king’s birthday.

Which one did you find the most amusing? What’s your favourite fruit? Comment and tell us in the section below.

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