6 Mysterious Villages in India That Will Leave You Baffled

7 Mysterious Villages in India That Will Leave You Baffled

With millions of people keenly believing in metaphysical and paranormal folklores, India is truly a land of mystery places. Yes, we have thousands of secrets deeply hidden in many remote locations around our country that either leave people wide-eyed or in dismay when they hear about them. Here are 7 mysterious villages in India that will baffle your soul.

1. Bhangarh Rajasthan

7 Mysterious Villages in India That Will Leave You Baffled

The spine chilling horror stories of Bhangarh can be found all over the internet. Located in Rajgarh Alwar, Bhangarh is also known as the ‘Ghost town of India.’ The folklore behind this abandoned city mentions an occultist who fell in love with the queen of Bhangarh and cursed the entire town to get destroyed overnight when she rejected his advances. The locals are gripped in fear and do not dare to come near the city’s historical remains. The thing that horrifies people is the warning by none other than the Archaeological Survey of India that strictly prohibits anyone from entering and staying at the fort after 5 pm. Some report feeling an uncanny vibe in the air, while others claim to hear strange, unexplained sounds. However, it’s still a popular tourist spot.

2. Jatinga Assam

7 Mysterious Villages in India That Will Leave You Baffled

One of the strangest mystery places, this village claims to be the suicide point for thousands of birds every year. Over the last 100 years, this little town with a population of just 2,500 people has witnessed mass bird suicide. Despite rigorous attempts to discover an acceptable logic by India’s most respected ornithologists, the mystery of the bird deaths remains unexplained.

In Jatinga, 44 bird species suddenly get disturbed between 6:30-9:30 pm in the dark moonless nights of the monsoon season, typically in September and October. Curiously disorientated, the birds fall into the city torches and lights. Why? Nobody knows!

3. Gyanganj, Himalayas

7 Mysterious Villages in India That Will Leave You Baffled

This karmic city is known as the dwelling place of immortals. Gyanganj is believed to be an unexplored destination that’s established in the deepest valleys of the Himalayas where cosmic sages profess the evolution of earthlings. The exact location of Gyanganj has different names like Shangri-La, Sambhala, or Siddhashrama. The Tibetan Buddhist mythology says that when the earth gets engulfed with the darkest clouds of sins, the 25th ruler of Gyanganj will appear and escort the Blue Planet to a new beginning of peace and solace.

4. Kuldhara, Rajasthan

7 Mysterious Villages in India That Will Leave You Baffled

A little over 20 km in the west of the famous Jaisalmer city lies a deserted town, Kuldhara. The desolated town that is now drowned in deafening silence was once a place of the hustle-bustle about 200 years ago. Locals tell that the present is the result of Salim Singh’s deeds. The debaucherous Diwan was known for his wicked ways of taxing. The day he set his eyes on the village chief’s beautiful daughter, he became adamant about having her to his pleasure and announced disastrous results if stopped. Fearing his wrath, the entire village fled overnight, leaving behind everything. No one knows where they relocated, but they cursed the village of becoming a ruin.

5. Kodinhi, Kerala

7 Mysterious Villages in India That Will Leave You Baffled

The average chances of twin births is as low as 9 per 1000. However, this wondrous village with about 2000 families has the highest record of identical-twin births with an average of 50 per 1000. There are approximately 300 pairs of twins, and the number is increasing year after year. The researchers have returned scratching their heads after testing every possibility of scientific theory, but nothing has been established staunchly. This south-Indian village continues to be a mystery due to this bizarre natural phenomenon.

6. Shani Shignapur, Maharashtra

7 Mysterious Villages in India That Will Leave You Baffled

While most of us make it a point to securely lock our doors and windows every night for fear of robbery, the houses, shops, banks, and other buildings in the mysterious village-turned\-town Shani Shignapur have no locks, doors, or window panes. Shignapur is a well-known tourist attraction and a pilgrimage site for the devotees of Hindu deity Shani Dev, who is considered the god of justice and the ruler of the planet Saturn. People in this village believe that Shani Dev is their guardian and anyone who dares to attempt robbery or theft shall be permanently blinded and cursed for 7 and a half years. To the world’s astonishment, the place has no official reports of such crime for centuries.

Hey! Lift up that jaw. We know you are stupefied and that you’re going googling these mysterious villages right after you finish reading this, right? If you know of any more such mysterious villages, comment and tell us in the section below, and don’t forget to share this with your friends to enjoy the perplexity on their faces!

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