7 Weird Phobias That Are Your Reality Now!

7 Weird Phobias That Are Your Reality Now

Thanks to the awful Corona Virus, most of the world is stuck inside homes. Travel, dining out and socialising has already changed forever. Suddenly, the world has changed. The streets that were as busy as a bee hive are now deserted. Handshakes and hugs have already become a taboo. The situation all over the world seems straight out of a sci-fi movie’s apocalypse scene, right where the hero enters and saves the world. Sadly, we have none, at least that we know of. Our fears have already taken shape amid lockdown. Speaking of which, here are 7 funny phobias that are now our realities.

1. Cleithrophobia – Fear Of Being Trapped

Can’t go out, can’t meet people, no offices, no schools, yup! We are trapped but thankfully in our homes! People who suffer from this weird phobia don’t tend to lock down bathrooms or any small room. They might start to panic if the lock doesn’t open. However, this is really different from claustrophobia, which is the fear of small spaces.

2. Optophobia – Fear Of Opening Eyes

Most of us are definitely going through this because we just want to lie in our beds, not open our eyes and even hibernate till this shit is over! We really don’t want to see that delivery menu card from our favourite restaurant with mouth-watering food, humongous pile of dishes that are waiting to be cleaned or 10,000th mail from our boss for a virtual meeting.

3. Lipophobia – Fear Of Becoming Fat

Had it been a normal year, we would have been preparing our bikini bodies for shorts, minis, and dungarees for the summers, but thanks to the lockdown, our inner pandas have been unleashed and all we are doing is eat, work and sleep. If you don’t move that lazy ass, you ought to have this weird phobia Susan!

4. Pentheraphobia – Fear Of Your Mother In-Law

If you’ve been living in a nuclear family, chances are that ‘mummy ji’ must have forced you to come and live with her out of concern. Now, that you are stuck here until the god damn lockdown is over, your mind must be buzzing with thoughts like ‘theek se baitho’, ‘Mummy ji se pehle utho’, ‘Salwar Kameez is the only tameez’ and of course, ‘Khana banao and sabko khilao’ because that’s what ‘good’ bahus should do, right?

5. Pogonophobia – Fear Of Beards

No matter how badass it looks, let’s admit, beard isn’t for everyone. Because hey! Who wants to look like an alcoholic truck driver and a father of 14? But, lockdown has crushed your plans of looking presentable because that mane refuses to be tamed. The salons are closed so no one can save you from irregular and shapeless hair growth on your face. By the time the lockdown is over, either you’re going to be reported for trespassing into your own house or people are going to come to you with their birth-chart believing you’ve turned into a hermit. So, this fobia masked it our weirdest phobia list.

6. Ergophobia – Fear Of Work

Ugh! Work from home sucks, we know that. With lockdown, the working hours have stretched bizarrely because boss says ‘Kahin aa-jaa sakte nahi toh kaam hi karlo.’ As the work keeps pouring in and we have no escape, all we can remember is Kangana’s dialog, “Mera toh itna life kharab ho gaya!” Screw you virus!

7. Nomophobia – Fear Of Losing Mobile Phone Service

Oh this is the worst of all weirdest phobias! The only thing that is keeping us sane right now is our precious little companion. Losing mobile service is one of the biggest nightmares we can have.  Why just mobile, imagining no wifi can also send chills down your spine. If this actually happens, remember that the repair shops are closed, the service centers are taking forever to respond and purchase stores, in case you get an urge to get a new one, are also non-operational. The horror!

Do you know any more such weird phobias that have descended due to COVID? Comment and tell us in the section below!  Share this with your friends who have been pulling such phobias off bravely.

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