8 Plants that Improves Home Environment


Many people love to put different plants in their home for good reason. Many plants allow you to purify the air in your home but also to reduce humidity or provide optimal humidity. These plants also help you absorb excess mold from the air. To give you the benefits of plants, Rouge Framboise presents 8 plants that improve the atmosphere in your home. Spathiphyllum

1. Spathiphyllum

In addition to absorbing excess moisture in your home, Spathiphyllum destroys mold spores found there and regulates the climate. This plant is in its best advantage when the room temperature is around 18 ° C.

2. Coffee 

There are more than a hundred different coffee plants, but most people choose Arab coffee or Congolese coffee. These plants absorb moisture from the air and give off a very pleasant smell as they flower. To get the most out of these plants, in addition to watering them properly, provide shade from time to time.

3. Myrtus 

Myrtus has phytoncides that restore a healthy climate in your home. To do this, these phytoncides are loaded with antibacterial properties that kill germs in the air. In doing so, the myrtus purifies the air in your home for optimal health.

4. Laurel 

Laurel is a subtropical plant that absorbs excess moisture in your home. It thus regulates the climate in your home as it releases its molecules into the air. Laurel is a plant that needs shade and a good amount of warm water. In addition, its leaves once dried can be used for cooking.

5. The Lemon Tree

When the lemon tree blooms, it fills the home with its unique aroma while absorbing excess moisture in your home. In addition, since lemon is known for its many antioxidant properties, it sterilizes the rooms in your home by eliminating bacteria from the air. To take good care of your lemon tree, you will need to give it regular sunlight and water.

6. The Chamaecyparis

Unlike the plants mentioned above, Chamaecyparis brings freshness and optimal humidity in your home. This plant, through its action, purifies the air by freeing it from its impurities. Chamaecyparis is also appreciated for its action in reducing symptoms associated with migraine. To take proper care of this plant, you will need to give it enough water and shade.

7. The Sansevieria

Sanseveria is a beautiful plant that cools the air in your home and produces a large amount of oxygen. Also, Sansevieria neutralizes the waves emanating from your electronic devices. In addition, this plant will not require much effort. It doesn’t need to be watered much.

8. The Ficus

Ficus is one of the most popular plants in homes. Ficus provides freshness, oxygen and antioxidants that neutralize toxins and viruses in the air. The Ficus does not need a lot of water but needs enough shade. It is much more suitable for large spaces because of its size.

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