8 Technology Fails Our Parents Don’t Accept Doing

8 Technology Fails Our Parents Don’t Accept Doing

Our parents have taught us so many things, and they are too, pretty boastful about the massive life experience they have had.  So, It is almost every day we hear them ranting about how we still have lot to learn.

But when it comes to technology, aha, the tables turn. They need our help more than they can admit. Though we understand their hard grapple on tech and revere their willingness to cope up with technology, often are their queries funny. Some of them are:

1. The Internet Slangs

8 Technology Fails Our Parents Don’t Accept Doing

If your parents haven’t asked you about internet slangs yet, the only reason could be that they aren’t on the internet in the first place. But every now and then your parents might ask you what does “IGDAF or ROML” mean and before you know it, they will use these slangs in every conversation they have. Sometimes, it gets a “little” too out of context.

2. Facebook Posts 

Do you remember when you introduced your parents to Facebook? You told them how it was a great means for them to reach out to their friends. But, parents end up putting everything they are dealing with on posts. Parents and technology =Funny and a bit embarrassing at times.

 3. The “What Was It Again?” Convos We Have With Our Parents 

8 Technology Fails Our Parents Don’t Accept Doing
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Teaching them things like fixing the Wi-Fi, or setting an alarm on their phone or using skype isn’t just a one-time ordeal.  Be ready to accept calls to go through the process over and over again. It is frustrating sometimes, but then they didn’t shun us down when we asked stupid questions as children. Did they?

4. Clicking/Uploading  Photos 

Parents sometimes have a hard time figuring out how to capture a “decent” photo on their phones. See this for example

8 Technology Fails Our Parents Don’t Accept Doing

This dad couldn’t figure out how to flip the camera and capture a photo of his daughter being proposed to.

Or this one, where a mom uploaded a photo meant only for her children, and then wanted her daughter to click on the photo and delete it. (That’s not how it works mom!)

5. Parents V/S Autocorrect

The half-ass sentences, tons of typos can make sense for once, but there are times when autocorrect trolls our parents hard, and we can’t help but laugh.

8 Technology Fails Our Parents Don’t Accept Doing8 Technology Fails Our Parents Don’t Accept Doing

6. What Is A Meme? 

How to get your parents to understand the internet meme culture? Well, it is a bit tricky to pin down. But if you forward them the dank, edgy or wholesome funny posts you think they might like (needless to say, not the explicit ones), they’ll like it just as much as us.

7. The “Transferring Money Online” Nightmare

Our parents don’t trust technology even a bit! We can see the dissent run over their faces when they send money online. They don’t think PayPal is their pal, which is why, they need those receipts and endless bank calls, which gives us a hard time as well.

8. Password?  Don’t You Know My Password?

This is the most common pain our parents have. They can never remember their passwords and somehow they think we have access to those passwords. (Although most of the times the password is retrievable – they don’t get too creative with passwords)

While our parents try to make terms with technology, even though most internally hate it, we’ve got to root them for their effort and at times laugh at the hilarious fails they don’t accept doing!

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