8 Tips That Can Help You Exercise at Home

8 Tips To Ace Exercises At Home

Who said you need to invest thousands of rupees in posh gyms to earn the body that you have always dreamed about? Just open YouTube and you can easily get access to thousands of videos from renowned fitness gurus without spending a single penny. However, exercising at home may not be as easy as it sounds. Practicing different physical posture requires a lot of practice and guidance. If you plan to start a new fitness regimen, here are some things that you must keep in mind:

1. Understand Your Body

8 Tips To Ace Exercises At Home (5)

Just like there is no one size that fits all, there is no one kind of exercise that suits everyone. Collect basic information like your body type, your target area, etc. If an exercise doesn’t feel comfortable, stop immediately. Without a trainer, you will have to be extra cautious. Prepare well in advance and know what will suit you better before jumping right in!

2. Make Your Own Mix

8 Tips to Ace Exercises at Home!

For good results, don’t go about hopping like a bunny. You might have one trainer who you feel gives the best online instructions, but it is advised to make your own training set. Identify the areas that you want to build or shed. Depending on that, divide your workout session. These ways you will be able to get quicker and efficient results. For example, Mondays can be glutes and arms, Tuesday can be core and thighs, and so on.

3. Pay Attention To Signs

8 Tips to Ace Exercises at Home!

We know you are charged up, but hey, don’t turn blind to the signs. Usually, people who start the workout at home are self-motivated (great buddy!) but in the anticipation of quick results, don’t force or strain yourself. When it comes to exercise ‘going slow’ is the key. Fitness has no shortcut, mark the statement. Pacing the exercise schedule is like trying to speed in a traffic jam, you can get traffucked! Know your bearing limits and stop when your body asks you to, respectfully.

4. Stay Hydrated

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When you perspire, you tend to lose up to 1 ½ litres of body fluid. If you don’t want to shrink and shrivel, keep yourself hydrated with at least 8-10 glasses of water. Don’t gulp them in a few batches. Gulp it sip by sip. Dehydration during workouts can worsen cramps and decrease your performance.

5. Take Break

8 Tips to Ace Exercises at Home!

Nope procrastinator, don’t grin! Breaks don’t mean 3 days workout and 4 days rest. But, it is important to periodically give your body time to recover and adjust to the changing metabolic activity level. On the contrary to what it is believed, a break improves your performance. Resting builds up more energy and acceptability.

6. Check Your Equipments

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Nobody would like the dumble to tumble and fall at the feet, ouch! To avoid being in an accident, check the equipments that you are about to use. Make sure all the screws are tight, mats ain’t slippery, resistance bands are strong and machines, if any, are fully functional and safe.

7. Take The Weather Into Account

8 Tips to Ace Exercises at Home!

If you don’t want to faint due to heatstroke and pneumonia, know what conditions can affect your workout. Wear cooler clothes in summers and put sunscreen if you are working out in the open. Keep your head cool by occasional sprinkles of water and try to get normal room temperature for workouts to get good results.

8. Eat Well

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You are not gifted with a fairy godmother sweety! If you let your inner hoarder govern your diet, no matter how much you work, that love handles will never break up with you! Most trainers say that its 80% diet that does the trick. The rest is toning and tightening. Make sure you eat a clean and balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Keep these quick points in mind and begin your fitness transformation with confidence. Home workouts need a lot of discipline. Make sure that you plan your daily chores as well so that you don’t have to miss out on any session. Remember, don’t quit! It may be hard to cope up with changing habits initially, but in the end, it will all be worth it!

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