90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now!

90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now

The lockdown has resulted in a lot of things like misery, panic, anxiety etc. Boredom might be the predominant effect due to the number of people it is affecting. No matter how many courses we enrol into or how many hours we spend face timing our friends, but there will still be times when we feel nothing but sheer weariness. All we want in those times is to be entertained somehow. Sadly, we have over utilised our entertainment sources; talk about your phone or your TV. The worst thing about TV right now is the absence of new content, though the government is trying to overcome that by airing the most loved shows ever but covering 2 hours out of 24 is just not enough.

Don’t worry we would never present a problem without a solution. We have a plan for you that won’t just let you feel entertained but bring back all the ecstasy from your childhood back into your life. You can relive the happiest times of your childhood by rewatching all your favourite cartoons. The ’90s produced the best cartoons and you can’t miss out on this opportunity to watch them again. Though we would wish that they streamed on TV and maybe in some days they might, our advice for you now would stream them online.

Do you have trouble remembering the best ones? Don’t worry. We have got it covered. Here’s a list of 11 best cartoons from the ’90s.

1. Johnny Bravo

90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now

If you don’t remember that hunk with broad shoulders and a lean body who had all the ladies in the show drool over him then you are lying. His miserable attempts at dating and pop culture references in the show would make even more sense now.

2. Powerpuff Girls

90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now

Three little girls ready to save the world. The show that led the foundation for Millenials to believe that girls indeed are capable of everything. Their adventures and emotions would just leave you wanting more.

3. Recess

90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now

The story of six friends that don’t spend most of their time in a bar might be a refreshing change. The show revolves around elementary kids and their various adventures during their break. This cartoon will surely make you miss school.

4. Dexter’s Laboratory

90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now

Every kid who watched this cartoon imagined that he was Dexter- the inventor and their sibling was his irritating sister Dee Dee. This cartoon was really popular and if you haven’t watched it yet or don’t remember it. Then, my friend, you are missing out.

5. Duck Tales

90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now

The life of Scrooge McDuck and his three grandnephews results in one of the most interesting cartoons of those times. Uncle Scrooge is rich, caring and so entertaining that you would want him to be your uncle.

6. Courage The Cowardly Dog

90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now

Not all cartoons were hearts and roses, some would give you the chills too. This horror-comedy cartoon taught us to stand up for our loved ones even when we are scared to death. The twisted concepts and the adorable dog makes the cartoon worth your time.

7. The Scooby-Doo Show


90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now

Another dog on the list, we couldn’t stop ourselves as animated dogs are the most adorable thing ever. Scooby and his detective gang need no introduction. Their enthusiasm and courage could be all that you need right now.

8. Looney Tunes

90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now

Life of Bugs Bunny and his diverse neighbourhood needs no introduction. This cartoon is refreshing and could become your ideal pastime activity.

Don’t confuse it with baby looney tunes which had all the character of looney tunes, just younger. That show won’t be an ideal fit for you but if you have children you have gotta make them watch it.

9. The Flintstones

90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now

The cartoon is set up in the stone age but the lives of the characters very well resemble the modern lifestyle. Dealing with everything from dinosaurs to cats, this cartoon would certainly make you wish that you were born in the Prehistoric times.

10. Popeye The Sailor

90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now

If you have ever watched this cartoon you wouldn’t be able to resist singing the title in your head. The cartoon was so engaging and exciting that we prayed for Popeye every single time. If you want to convince your kids to eat greens watching the show along with them would be a great deal.

11. Sponge Bob Square Pants

90’s Cartoons That You Must Watch Now

The happiest character on this planet is indeed Spongebob. That guy has so much love to give that you’ll adore him. We do love him that is why he made the eleventh entry to this list just to remind you of the happy life of Sponge underwater.

Some of these cartoons are available for free on youtube and others are present on one streaming platform or the other. Binging on these would be a delightful change from your monotonous life this lockdown.

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