A World So Beautiful…


I try to see the good in others,
As humanity needs to be re-discovered.

Where people don’t hate on one another,
But help, shine and rise together.

I want to see people in love, even if unspoken,
And families together that are not broken.

I want loneliness to take a backseat,
So that people no more view themselves as incomplete.

I wish to see humans more considerate and wise,
That they start to hate seeing tears in anyone’s eyes.

I hope there is enough for everyone to reap,
So a day would come, no poor would go empty stomach to sleep.

I want to see the language of love become so strong,
That no speechless animal would be done any wrong.

I want a world where God exists, not in temple mosque or church,
But in our hearts, so you don’t have to go out to search.

I want a world so beautiful with no wars,
Where soldiers on borders sleep peacefully under the roof of stars.

I want to see a world of Humanity,
Where there is no wall of Hindu, Muslim & Christianity.

So, you also try to see good in others,
Maybe one-day humanity will be re-discovered.

I want to see a world so beautiful,

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