Akash Ahuja: First Indian Artist to have a Billboard in Times Square

Akash Ahuja: First Indian Artist to have a Billboard in Times Square

Times Square is one of the trendiest and most exclusive places on the planet. And an advertisement there is a mark of success and recognition. Indian pop artist Akash Ahuja is making a mark on the global stage. In February he became perhaps the first Indian artist to have his own billboard on Times Square, according to Hip Hop Weekly. Akash Ahuja is a pop culture rapper, singer, and songwriter that blends old and contemporary styles. Born in New York, the Indian-American artist made his debut in this year itself, 2020. His unique mixture of “hip-pop” music with elements of traditional Indian sounds shot his work to fame. He marked his global presence in February becoming the first Indian artist to have his own billboard in New York’s iconic Times Square.

Akash’s debut song ‘Come Closer’ became an overnight success upon release. It was streamed on multiple platforms boosting his fan base. Inspired by his latest love interest, ‘Can’t Let You Go’ reached the top 100 songs on iTunes, making it his next big hit. He has proven to be an unstoppable hit machine. Akash has a unique style of blending the old with the new. He uses elements of classical Indian music with western pop, masculinity, and femininity while staying true to his authentic self. This resonates deeply with people around the world.

Talking about his journey, Akash says, “I’ve always been into music but my first official step was recording and releasing my single ‘Come Closer.’ I was so humbled and grateful to see it on a Times Square billboard. My dream is to help empower all lives by spreading love through my art. One thing I’ve learned is that love has tremendous power. Any time I’ve recorded music or done anything where love is the primary driving force, I’ve always been pleasantly surprised with the outcome.” Ahuja’s future looks bright with over 70,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and thousands more across other music streaming platforms.

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