Ancestral Remedies to Boost Your Immunity

Ancestral Remedies to Boost Immunity

There was a time when the word “doctor” didn’t exist; there were no hospitals to treat sick humans, pharmacies to sell meds or google to give you a cure. Remedies were used instead. However, with time medical science has made significant progress & advancements. But, there’s always some magical faith every other human has towards home remedies that have passed from their ancestors.

At times like these with the virus creating chaos across the globe, instead of popping a pill to boost your immunity, you could try one of the following home remedies that’ll strengthen your immunity & protect you from the pandemic.

1. Garlic Elixir

Garlic Elixir.

It may not be the best mouth freshener, but it’s the best choice for a healthy immunity. Combine garlic with ginger, and it’s an elixir for your body; and also prevents heart diseases. Grab a piece of ginger, a few cloves of garlic, a carrot & some honey, combine their juices for an effective immunity booster.

2. Warm Water + Lemon/Ginger/Turmeric/Honey

#2 Warm Water + Lemon/Ginger/Turmeric/Honey.

Choose one for each day of the week and repeat from Friday. What was an old wive’s tale is today a tried & tested remedy for gaining resistance against diseases. Since honey is an antioxidant, lemons & ginger are natural antioxidants with antibacterial & antiviral properties, while turmeric is anti-inflammatory; all you need to do is pick one & combine with a glass of warm water to keep your immunity strong.

3. Turmeric + Honey

Turmeric + Honey.

Usually used for treating seasonal cold or allergies, turmeric and honey have significant medical properties. Turmeric also consists of an active compound- curcumin, which is very beneficial to our immune system. They’re anti-microbial, so they attack bacterial & viral infections and destroys them completely.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle.

Late nights with Netlfix, who wouldn’t be tempted? Do you hit the bed at the crack of dawn? Unhealthy eating habits, skipping breakfast? No exercise? Even if one of these statements describe you, you’re not building your immunity but breaking it. Rich lifestyle leads to rich immunity, from sleeping for 8 hours at night to nutritious meals and frequent exercising.

5. Crack the Window, Let the Sun Inside

#5 Crack the Window, Let the Sun Inside. –

Sunlight exposure is the best way to stock up on vitamin D, which also increases immunity. Soak in the sunshine every day, however, don’t exceed 15-20 minutes because it can cause sunburns & skin problems.

While our heart beats to pump blood, lung inflate-deflate to provide oxygen, it is our immunity system guarding our entire body against various viruses, bacterias & germs. Maximising productivity this quarantine is great but spare a minute or two to strengthen your literal bodyguards, your immunity system.

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