The Annual Perseids Meteor Showers are Back Again- Skywatchers Gear Up!

The annual Perseids Meteor Showers are Back Again- Skywatchers Gear Up!

The Perseids meteor showers are prolific meteor showers associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle. They are called so as they appear to fall from the constellation Perseus. This is an annual and most-awaited meteor shower of the skywatchers. Last year, however, due to the brightness of the moon, the skywatchers were not able to get the full view of the meteor showers. This year the moon will not get in the way as much as it did last year.

Questions have popped up about the origin of the Perseids meteor showers. The comet Swift-Tuttle which last passed by Earth in 1992, had left a pathway of dust and debris. Earth passes through it every year which gives the planet the annual Perseids meteor showers. The meteor showers are generally the pieces of debris colliding with Earth’s atmosphere and burning up as bright streaks of light. The showers are believed to make their appearance somewhere around 11th to 12th August. The meteors can be seen somewhere between midnight and dawn hours.

The Perseids meteor showers can be visible clearly from the suburbs or the countryside. Some die-hard skywatchers have decided to camp outside to get a complete view of this phenomenon. The Perseids meteor showers occur every year around 17th July to 24th August. In India, however, this shower will reach its peak on Tuesday, 11th August, and Wednesday, 12th August. To witness the meteor showers, it’s preferable to be at a location free of pollution and brightness.

According to NASA, the best time to witness the Perseids meteor showers is when the moon is in its crescent phase or below the horizon. Since the faint light of the moon can make the meteors invisible. It is definitely going to be a great treat for skywatchers across the world. They are gearing up to witness the Perseids meteor showers as Earth passes through the densest debris that the comet left behind several years ago.

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