Ashwagandha and Giloy are COVID-19 Killers: Baba Ramdev

Over a period of close to 6 months, the world has fallen prey to the deadly coronavirus, which earned itself the status of a global pandemic. All the major powers of this world are tirelessly working towards developing a vaccine for the disease but till now there has been no result. India too is leaving no stones unturned in its efforts to come up with a vaccine but while the country is at it, the Union Health Ministry every now and then prescribes medicines to be taken for precaution, lifestyle to be adapted and measures to enhance our overall immunity.

On the same lines, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Research Institute recently sent a proposal to the Narendra Modi government saying that herbs such as Ashwagandha, Giloy, and Tulsi, if consumed, can effectively fight against the virus. In an interview, the yoga guru said that Giloy has 100% potential of building a strong immune system and preventing people from getting infected from the coronavirus.

Reasons Behind Baba Ramdev’s Statement:

A recent collaborative study between IIT-Delhi and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan suggested that Ashwagandha, also known as ‘Balya’, contains a natural compound called Withanone (Wi-N) which blocks the activity of Mpro, which is a requisite protein for the reproduction of the coronavirus.

Apart from this, the benefits of Ashwagandha are aplenty. Firstly, it is believed that one who consumes this herb can regularly gain strength and vitality like that of a mammoth. Not only that, it can also act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory medicine and can enhance a person’s immunity. It is best to consume Ashwagandha in powder form mixed with water or milk every night before sleeping.

On the other hand, Giloy is a detoxifier and prevents the human body from bacteria borne diseases. It is a medicine which Ayurvedic doctors strongly recommend for maintaining a healthy heart. It is also an effective treatment against diseases that affect the liver and cause urinary tract infections. The magical herb is also well known for boosting immunity in humans. 2-3 teaspoons of Giloy every day with water should be effective for good health.

Both the herbs, Ashwagandha and Giloy, are natural medicines and will not have any side-effects. Also, the intake of these herbs will ensure that human body is fully prepared with a healthy immune system to fight against the deadly coronavirus.

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