Atrocities Against the Uighurs: Hidden Concentration Camps of China

Atrocities Against the Uighurs: Hidden Concentration Camps of China

What the Nazis did to the Jews decades ago, something very parallel is taking place in China at the very moment. History has always found a way to repeat, and it seems as though it’s the genocide undertaken by the Nazi’s turn, only this time, it’s the Communist Party of China. A historian, Olsi Jazexhi, who visited Xinjiang to understand the state of the Uighur Muslims says that there is a serious violation of human rights against the Muslim community residing in China taking place.

According to him, there are “Vocational Training Centers” where humans who are not Han Chinese but Turkic, are imprisoned, not because they’re extremists or terrorists, but because they are Muslim or Indo-European. They’re forcing the prisoners to renounce their culture, their religion and to have faith in the Communist Party of China, and show their loyalty towards Xi Jinping. It is a cultural genocide against the Indo-European and Islamic culture that China has successfully hidden from the outside world, which is why not a lot of us are aware of these “training centres.”

Xinjiang is probably the largest administrative regions of China, that shares its border with 8 other countries – Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Jazexhi furthers adds that the root cause behind all of this lies in the fact that China wants to eliminate the possibility of a foreign power to arm and use these Uighurs against the country, or convert Xinjiang into a Chinese Afghanistan.

However, the atrocities seem to have escalated this month when China decided to take draconian measures to cut down the birth rates among the Uighur Muslims to curb its population, and they’re doing so by forceful sterilization of women, IUDs, and abortions. These measures are used both as a threat and as a punishment if one fails to comply with their “systematic” approach of slashing down the birth rate. Reports claim that once a lady is in the concentration camp, they’re injected with unknown substances or pregnancy prevention shots, forced to use IUDs; detainees are tortured, raped or even killed, not leaving a stone unturned in trying to break these Uighur Muslims and other minorities physically and mentally! There are people of the opinion that China will not stop until they’ve eliminated and destroyed the existence of these communities within their country’s borders.

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