Baba Ramdev’s Anti Corona Medicine: Development So Far

Baba Ramdev’s Anti Corona Medicine Development

The world held its breath when Indian Yog Guru Swami Ram Dev announced CORONIL- “the first ayurvedic medicine” to cure the so-far incurable Coronavirus. The news sent shock waves as the scientist community worldwide still struggles to develop effective treatments for the highly contagious disease.

In a launch event at Haridwar, Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev said that he trusts Coronil as a major cure for Coronavirus treatment. He said that the medicine has a 100% success result in the span of 3-5 days and this data was obtained from a clinical trial conducted on approximately 280 COVID patients.

However, as soon as the news hit the shelves, the Center rejected the publicity of the anti-COVID drug from Patanjali and requested the AYUSH Minister to seek the details to verify the claim.

Baba Ramdev's Anti Corona Medicine Development So Far

The Ministry also asked for a copy of the license and product approval information of this Ayurvedic medicine from Uttarakhand State Licensing Authority.

In response to the same, Swami Ramdev stated that Patanjali sought all necessary approvals before the project’s commencement. “First, we got approval from the ethics committee. Then we had approvals from the CTRI,” he said.

“The drugs were effective in the treatment of the COVID-19 in seven days,” Swami Ramdev, explained. “What we (Patanjali) have done now, can cure the Coronavirus disease by up to 70%”, he added. A kit of Coronil is priced at Rs 545 by Patanjali.

Baba Ramdev's Anti Corona Medicine Development So Far

He revealed that the medicine was a concoction of ashwagandha-giloy-tulsi and adu oil and is a powerful remedy for destroying Coronavirus with no side effects. He also stressed that yoga must be practiced in addition to the consumption of Coronil.

“500 scientists worked 18 hours a day to achieve this end product, noting the process that followed by Patanjali in making Coronil.” He disclosed while answering the press in addition to accusing that the ideological opponent of Patanjali is having problems with the fact that he has developed a Coronavirus medicine, while many major players could not.

The matter is still hot as global scientific medicinal societies find it difficult to swallow the news of getting a cure to a pandemic that has engulfed the world from simple and commonly found plants. While the government is trying to verify the authenticity of Patanjali claims, India is going to have a major breakthrough if the claims turn out positive. We will have to wait to see what trajectory does this takes, but until then every safety measure should be practiced without a lag.

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