Bending Gender Norms with Introducing Makeup for Men

Bending Gender Norms with Introducing Makeup for Men

If you are a guy and have a proclivity towards makeup, chances are you think twice before putting it on. Having men put colors, when their sexuality has been strictly forbidden to shades of black and blue, is a little new and hard to digest for mainstream people. If you’re a heterosexual male, or not, and find yourself attracted to the world of makeup, you might hear things like: “Hey man, you look different! Are you? No way! Do you really have makeup on?

This might be a very instinctive reaction given to any guy who wears makeup. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a concealer to hide dark spots or a full-blown smoky eye glam makeup; even if you just simply stroke a brush, it is going to raise an objection and a bunch of negativity.

Mainly because the basic idea of makeup has been usually associated with women since times immemorial. While the use of women cosmetics have become even more abundant, most men continue to occasionally bosh on a bit of moisturizer (add a gloss if they feel a little too extra) and hope for the best.

But does that mean a guy should totally give up his newfound love for makeup? Hell no! You Do You. Makeup for men is the most promising beauty trend in the cosmetic industry today, and although some might raise stern objections, there are people who welcome the change with open arms.

Besides, the negativity hasn’t stopped men from using makeup for self-love, or even making a career in the cosmetic industry, which they are currently killing it. As our society is being less and less ruled by gender differences, and brands like Chanel, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs support the trend and have launched their own male cosmetics lines.

Also, in an era where women see themselves into every aspect that what’s considered “manly”, be it the fight for equal representation or to openly celebrate their body hair, it’s time we help men feel safe and accepted in their own vanity space.

And by this, we don’t just mean “Manscaping” or “Fine you can dab some powder, but don’t go overboard” kind of things, but having them feel empowered and good with makeup just like women do.

Will Make-up for Men Go Mainstream? 

Social media has/is playing a massive role in letting makeup for men go mainstream. James Charles, Patrick Star, Harry Styles, Manny (called Manny MUA), Jaden Smith, and Benjamin Carter, are some prominent names who have taken the media by storm with their makeup skills.

As for the real world, which is following the trend – moisturizers, foundation, highlights, bronzing gels, concealers, brow definers, and a range of other makeup products are now the stretch for modern men who aim to invest in their image.

Gender matters less than it used to. If you’re a youth brand, it’s something you need to embrace and understand. It’s this very self-confident, hyper-individual generation who are constructing their identity in fashion and makeup outside of their traditional gender buckets,” said Lucie Greene, worldwide director of the J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group.

While we’re definitely rooting for anything that helps empower our people around, we want to know what you think about makeup for men. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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