Boost Your Immunity with Simple Food Changes

Boost Your Immunity

He pandemic has caused panic throughout the globe. With no vaccine, boosting immunity seems like the only option we have to fight this disease but are we doing enough? Are our food habits in sync with our plan to boost our immunity?
Explore answers to these questions and more through this blog.

A: Hey, man. How are you? I see you have become some social media celebrity.

B: That’s just too extreme. I have finally been able to start my food blog. Thanks to the lockdown, I had all the time to do what I love. My parents were initially annoyed as they thought I was just wasting my time and they don’t like the type of food I make, but gradually they have started to come around. My spaghetti Bolognese video that went viral might have helped a bit with that.

A: I am glad that you are having fun and your parents support you, but what do you do with all the gourmet stuff you make?

B: What kind of a question is that? I eat it, duh.

A: What? You eat all that calorie ridden unhealthy preparations you post on Instagram.

B: I don’t understand your amusement, it was not like I would throw all that stuff out. Also, I mostly cook Italian and it has olive oil and garlic which are both good for your health.

A: I know that wasting food isn’t an option, but it’s just that when I watched your videos I assumed all your family must be finishing the stuff you make. You are telling me that you eat all that unhealthy food by yourself is a matter of concern as it means you are not eating anything that will boost your immunity.

B: Did you miss the garlic and olive oil part?

A: No, I didn’t miss anything. Incorporating two healthy ingredients to an unhealthy dish won’t make it healthy. Refined flour, that is the main ingredient for most of your dishes, isn’t exactly healthy. It is acidic, nutrient deficient and has digestive issues.

B: So, what do you suggest? I just delete my entire handle.

A: No, not all. I would suggest that you start making dishes with ingredients that are good for your immunity so that not only you eat healthy, but your viewers are also motivated to eat healthy. It will also give you an edge over other food bloggers.

B: Now you are talking sense, go on.

A: You could start making dishes out of mushrooms, broccoli, oysters, ginger, garlic, spinach, yogurt, turmeric, papaya, kiwi, poultry and wheat germ. It is not like this would limit the variety of dishes you make. You can give the traditional dishes a healthy twist by making coleslaw with yogurt instead of mayonnaise. Another way would be to try making dishes like Portobello mushroom tops in veggie burgers, oysters Rockefeller, spinach lasagne, garlic sautéed spinach, broccoli casserole.

B: I underestimated you, you really know what you are talking about. Go on.

A: You could also reduce the usage of processed foods, refined carbohydrates, artificial ingredients, table salt and foods high in sugar.

B: What? Did you just say sugar? How am I supposed to make my desserts?

A: Yes, eating too much sugar curbs your immune system but that doesn’t mean you have to pacify your sweet tooth. Just try using natural sugar present in fruits and you’ll be good to go. Try using honey, corn syrup, even milk and all sorts of fruits. You could try making the watermelon sorbet next.

B: Well that’s a relief. When you started talking I thought you’ll force me to oats, but this is not that bad. I actually think I can revamp my page into a healthy gourmet page.

A: I am glad, you came around. You could go an extra mile by advising your viewers to eat supplements.

B: Supplements? Are you trying to make me lose my follower? Who’s gonna listen to someone talk about supplements on a food blog? Are you jealous that I have more followers than you?

A: That is not at all my intention. I know that not everyone on your follower list would want to listen to a talk about drugs, but maybe that will get more followers for you. At the end of the day, everyone cares about their health, right?

B: I guess that could work.

A: It would, just preach about drugs when you don’t have energy to cook. That’ll keep your page busy.

B: Fine, what are those supplements?

A: You could try Vitamin D supplements which enhances the pathogen-fighting effect, Zinc that is needed for immune cell developments, Vitamin C that reduces the chances of respiratory diseases and other supplements like Propolis, Curcumin, Pelargonium sidoides and Licorice

B: Not sure if I’ll use those big words on my page, but I think I should start Vitamin C myself. At Least then I could smoke without dying from lung cancer.

A: You are getting it wrong, supplements reduce the chances, not eliminate them.

B: Then what is the use of spending all this money?

A: Well, there’s no guarantee of anything. The least you could do is try and in these tough times when we live in constant fear. Any chance is worth taking isn’t it?

B: Makes sense, but I think I will stick to healthy food and avoid supplements for the meanwhile. One step at a time, right?

A: Sure, as long as you are doing something for your health I am happy.

B: Great, see you later then. I have to go and pick my pizza anyway. Oops.

A: You just said you were going to eat healthy.

B: Yes, I would, from tomorrow. Promise. Got to go now. Bye.

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