Can Face masks Really Kill You?

Face Masks are the latest wardrobe-essentials. They are being sported by everyone these days and unlike all other trends, they will not go out of fashion by the end of the season.

The rich and the poor are equally vulnerable to Coronavirus, so nobody is risking it by stepping into the public without a mask. The government is not just supporting this practice, but also encouraging people to use the product. The government is so keen that people without a mask are even asked to pay a fine. If the authorities are so obsessed with face masks then they must be effective, right? But many people on social media suggest otherwise.

The internet is bombarded with people talking about how face masks are lethal. The viral content suggests that wearing a mask for too long can cause hypercapnia; a condition when the body absorbs too much CO2. This argument has further extended to link face masks with death. The data suggest that an excessive amount of carbon dioxide can reduce oxygen in the bloodstream and the brain, ultimately leading to death.

This information was so widespread that people actually started disposing of their masks, but thankfully the truth is out now. The information started to spread due to a Facebook post that was not backed by any research or science. It was just a piece of false news being spread by some individual who wished to create panic. Many health professionals and organisations have nullified the claims while suggesting to not reduce the use of face masks under any condition.

We request all our readers to not let misinformation influence you. Try to check the source and credibility of the news before acting on it. Please, wear your masks at all times, as unlike face masks COVID-19 can kill you.

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