Can We Finally Time Travel?

Time Travel

Movies and shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Dark, and Back to the Future make us want to turn back time and go to a different point in history or into the future (Okay, well, maybe not Dark). But we’ve always known that it isn’t realistic to hope for time travel.

To those of you who have always felt hopeless when it came to the possibility of travelling through time, there’s good news! Scientists in Russia have managed to accomplish this seemingly far-fetched idea.

In May, a team of scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Russia used a quantum computer to reverse time. They ran an experiment where two quantum bits (qubits) evolved to reach a developed state and were then brought back to the previous state that was present a fraction of a second before. The scientists were able to achieve this with a quantum algorithm that gave an 85% success rate.

These researchers teamed up with scientists from the US and Switzerland and were able to return the state of a quantum computer a fraction of a second to the past. They also calculated the probability of an electron in empty interstellar space going back to its recent past. They observed the electron travelling one ten-billionth of a second into the past.
Although this was only done at a quantum level, they have still managed to defy the “Arrow of Time” that only goes forward. Time travel has been made possible at a quantum level which is quite the revolutionary feat.

But will we be able to hop onto a time machine and go back in time? In the future, maybe. Right now, not really. For now, the only time travel we will be doing is towards the future at the steady speed of going forward one whole second, every second.

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