Can India Become a Moral Wasteland in its Quest to Achieve Success?

Can India Become a Moral Wasteland in its Quest to Achieve Success?

The world is finally recognizing the huge potential of our country. India has shown immense progress in the past few years and as a result, it is now being recognized as a developed country. Even the current stress caused by pandemic doesn’t seem like a hindrance that the country cannot overcome. India is continuously striving towards success, and the world knows it. But is this need to be ahead, drifting us further away from our values? Is India on the verge of becoming a moral wasteland?

There are different views on the matter. While some believe that progress and humanity go hand in hand, others believe that being blinded by success can be inhumane. A deeper analysis of the latter reveals that the thrive for success indeed has the power to destroy morality in an individual. The question that now arises is, can a phenomenon of individual cause and effect be applied to society as a whole or in this respect to an entire country?

The answer is yes and no. Though some individual attributes can easily be applied with respect to group behavior, others cannot sustain due to the heterogeneous population. We know that the population of India is not the same everywhere, but here what matters is their collective perspective towards success and morality. The question cannot be answered by asking every individual because in that case, the fundamental attribution error will negate the claim. The only way to answer this is by observing the behavior of all samples. Though this doesn’t seem like a feasible option, this is the only way to get an accurate result. Having said that, an estimate can be drawn observing current trends and situations.

People in India focus more on their career advancement than they do on social welfare or preserving culture. This mindset is the result of the need to achieve success, which is making people more selfish and inconsiderate towards others and the resources. Exploitation in every field is prevalent, which is only a hint that the chances of India transforming into a moral wasteland shortly, are quite high.

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