Can India Help Curb the Coronavirus? Bill Gates Sure Thinks So!

Can India Help Curb the Coronavirus? Bill Gates Sure Thinks So!

It’s been seven months since the deadly coronavirus outbreak shook the world. Almost 14 million people across the world have contracted the infection, and over half a million have succumbed to death. Even after all these months, the coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of receding. The most brilliant minds in the scientist community are hustling day and night to restore our lives back to normal. And the only way that’s going to happen, is through a “miracle” vaccine. While we are all hoping that a vaccine against coronavirus gets unveiled soon, its existence will be rendered moot if it’s not available to every person in the world.

The Mistake that can be the World’s Undoing:

Can India Help Curb the Coronavirus? Bill Gates Sure Thinks So!

Bill Gates has been critically acclaimed for his participation in the public healthcare service promotion, and voicing out his opinions on the same. In his recent interview, the philanthropist said “If we just let drugs and vaccines go to the highest bidder, instead of the people and the places where they are most needed, we’ll have a longer, more unjust deadlier coronavirus pandemic.”

The issue of the U.S. and Europe investing millions of dollars into creating a vaccine, and making it available for a certain section of the society has been underscored in the media lately. The vital concern was also raised by the Director-General of WHO, who reasoned, that countries should not let the coronavirus vaccine trials turn into a race. There shouldn’t be any practice of unhealthy competition. Bill Gates further added, that fighting the pandemic together, and displaying the quality of unity can be our sword to fight the coronavirus.

He took the example of HIV-AIDS infection which affects nearly 70 million people. He said “One of the best lessons in the fight against HIV/AIDS is the importance of building this large, fair global distribution to get the drugs out to everyone.” Bill Gates further applauded India’s efforts in curbing the HIV/AIDS infections.

Will India be a Vital Cog in the Wheel of Coronavirus Vaccine?

Can India Help Curb the Coronavirus? Bill Gates Sure Thinks So!

I’m sure that the question of whether India will have any vital role to play in the coronavirus vaccine production and distribution, must’ve crossed your mind at least once. And much to our amusement, Bill Gates thinks the answer to this question is yes. Want to know how? Then read on.

India is the drug and vaccine capital of the world. Nearly 60% of the vaccines and drugs supplied to the world are manufactured and processed in India. Following India, China is the main contender for vaccine manufacture. According to WHO, currently there are approximately 110 coronavirus vaccine candidates lined up. Out of these 110, seven have been given the permission to begin the human trials.

Speaking in a documentary named “COVID-19: India’s war against the virus,” Bill Gates pointed out that India’s fight against the coronavirus is especially tedious due to its gigantic size, and high population density in urban centers. However, he commented on India’s pharmaceutical strength and said “India has a lot of capacity there, with the drug and vaccine companies that are huge suppliers to the entire world. You know more vaccines are made in India than anywhere, starting from the world’s largest Serum Institute. But other companies like BBIL, Bio E, etc. are working to build a coronavirus vaccine, building on other great capacities that they have used on other diseases.”

Not just the government and scientists, the people of India have also been helping the country to fight coronavirus by strictly adhering to the social distancing guidelines. India definitely has immense capabilities to relieve the world of coronavirus. Hopefully, with so many vaccine trials going on, we will hear some encouraging news soon.

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