Can these Foods Take a Toll on Your Immunity?

Can these Foods take a toll on your Immunity

Eating chips, candy, and drinking soda while binge-watching Netflix sounds like a night straight out of heaven, doesn’t it?  Ice cream, crispy wafers, delicious candy, and fried foods seem to be the best way to keep stress at bay. These delicious foods not only uplift sappy moods but also satisfy our odd cravings. But did you know that they gradually weaken your immune system and make you more prone to contracting infections? Here are 6 of the delicious munchies which can hurt your immunity!

1. Candy

Can these Foods take a toll on your Immunity

All the sugary treats in the world might satisfy your cravings but they’re bad for your immune system. If you’re trying to amp up your immunity, you’ll be sad to know that your favorite gummy bears and candies can get in the way of your goal. These sugary delicacies contain high amounts of processed sugar. Every time you feel yourself reaching out for that candy, try to opt for a healthier option such as a bowl of fresh sweet berries. Berries are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids which can help fight inflammation.

2. Alcohol

Can these Foods take a toll on your Immunity

If you want to avoid feeling hungover and sick the next day, then you might want to take a pass on your favorite alcohol. I know that nothing sounds better than a girls night out at the bar, but sorry to break it to you ladies, alcohol can hurt your immune system. It is recommended for women to drink only 1 drink a day and for men to drink a maximum of 2 drinks a day to avoid feeling sick the next day. Alcohol has a way of disrupting your immune pathway and sleep. Now, who doesn’t love a good night’s rest? So just go for spritzer if you want to stay hydrated and keep your immune system strong.

3. Soda

Can these Foods take a toll on your Immunity

We all know that soda has no health benefits to offer other than its refreshing taste on a hot summer day. These sweetened beverages are high in processed sugar and calories and have no added nutritional value to them. Drinking sodas on a regular basis can lead to weight gain and obesity. Doctors recommend to go for pomegranate or watermelon juice with no added sugars. These fruits are enriched with antioxidants that prevent the free radicals from damaging your body.

4. Fried Foods

Can these Foods take a toll on your Immunity

As much as we love eating fries and chicken wings, they’re probably not the best option for our immune system due to their high grease and fat content. High amounts of grease and fats have a tendency of suppressing your immune system. Our body houses its own set of healthy bacteria which can die due to grease and fat. Hence it’s important to follow a healthy diet and go for baked foods instead of fried foods. But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself with your favorite fried goodies once in a while! You totally can!

5. Salt

Can these Foods take a toll on your Immunity

Avoiding salt is a tricky business. Especially because it is present in literally everything we eat. Be it frozen foods, soups, pizza, snacks, meats, etc. In fact, no food can taste good without any salt in it. But salt contains sodium and a high amount of sodium can increase your blood pressure. That’s why doctors recommend heart patients to decrease their intake of salt. A high amount of sodium can also hurt your immune system. Hence it’s best to limit yourself to the minimum daily requirement of salt only and avoid highly salty foods.

6. Energy Drinks

Can these Foods take a toll on your Immunity

Nothing picks us up better than a good old energy drink when we have a ton of work to do! But as many of us already know, energy drinks are the worst enemies of your sleep.

The lack of sleep and high caffeine and sugar content can deteriorate the immune system of your body by increasing inflammation. So try to get a good night’s sleep because your body needs it. But if you absolutely have to stay awake, then try eating an apple.

7. Fast Foods

Can these Foods take a toll on your Immunity

Nothing tastes better than a good meaty burger! But we hate to break it to you guys that fast foods such as burgers, fries, and shakes are just loaded with sugar, fat, and grease. The three of these combined just turn into a big huge monster which can eat your immune system alive. If you’re too addicted to fast food and you find yourself eating out every other night, then you’re pushing your body towards some serious health risks such as diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

Try trading your favorite breakfast sandwich for banana and oatmeal. It will not only keep your tummy satisfied but also give you the energy to go through the day. And a good old PB & J never hurt anybody, right?

8. Crispy Wafers

Can these Foods take a toll on your Immunity

Wafers are one snack that we always deck up in our kitchen drawers. Wafers seem to be the best snack options for literally every age group. But as we all know these crispy delicacies are high in salt, grease, and fat. They can cause inflammation in your body resulting and ultimately hurt your immune system. So if you’re trying to boost your immunity, it’s best to stay away from that bag of chips. Instead, try to snack on nuts which are not only rich in fibers but also in protein and minerals such as Zinc and Selenium which are your immune system’s best friends.

9. Ice-Cream

Can these Foods take a toll on your Immunity

There is nothing in this world that a bucket of ice-cream and a good rom-com can’t solve. Am I right ladies? But these creamy and delicious goodies are high in processed sugar which can cause inflammation in your body and ultimately suppress your immune system. So try to switch to a healthier option such as plain yogurt and load it up with your favorite berries and some honey for flavor. Trust me, you’ll definitely fall in love with it!

Remember guys your goal is to boost your immunity, not weaken it. And to do that, it is best to stay away from these food items and protect your body. These tips become especially important at this time when the whole world is reeling from the coronavirus. So stay safe, stay healthy, and stay away from foods that can hurt your immunity!

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