Can Vitamin Overdose Make You More Vulnerable to Coronavirus?

If there’s one salutary lesson that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it’s to take care of our bodies. And to boost our immunity in order to protect ourselves from infections, we’ve begun consuming several supplements. Although your intention of consuming these vitamin supplements might be pure, their side effects aren’t. You must’ve heard a popular saying that “excess of anything is bad”. 

Same way, the consumption of large amounts of vitamin capsules can be harmful to your body. Health experts claim that you can protect yourself from coronavirus by maintaining a healthy level of vitamins in your bloodstream. However, excess vitamins can lead to a plethora of diseases too. 

Side-Effects of Excess Vitamin Consumption: 

According to a report, many COVID-19 patients in India are suffering from vitamin overdose. Take a look at its following side-effects.

1. Excess of Vitamin A:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A overdose, toxicity, or hypervitaminosis A can occur from the intake of certain foods such as green leafy vegetables, carrots, etc. as well. Although, most of its overdose cases are associated with supplements only. Symptoms of its toxicity include nausea, an increase in intracranial pressure, and death. 

2. Excess of Vitamin D:

Vitamin D

A great fraction of the Indian population suffers from vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, a lot of us consume its supplements on a daily basis. However, you must consume a prescribed dosage only. Its toxicity symptoms can be unexplained weight loss, appetite loss, and irregular heartbeat. It can also lead to an increase in calcium levels that can ultimately lead to multiple organ failure.

3. Excess of Vitamin E:

Vitamin E

The majority of the population consumes vitamin E supplements due to its immunity-boosting abilities. It is also the beauty vitamin that keeps you looking young. Its overdose can result in interference with blood clotting and cause hemorrhage. In severe cases, it can also lead to hemorrhagic stroke.

4. Excess of Vitamin C:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C became especially popular during the times of the coronavirus pandemic. It is famous for its immunity-boosting properties. But too much of it can harm your body. How, you ask? Its overdose can lead to diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, and vomiting. You may experience severe migraines if you consume more than 6 grams of vitamin C per day. 

Although it’s extremely rare to die from vitamin overdose, it’s recommended that you consume the prescribed dosage only. The best way for your body to build immunity is to eat a well-balanced diet. It’s a natural and economical method as well. Remember, vitamins are only safe as long as you consume them responsibly. 

If not, then its overdose can result in a ton of comorbidities. Thereby, rendering you more vulnerable to the coronavirus. So, eat healthily, follow social distancing guidelines, and practice good hygiene techniques to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus

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