China Uses State-Of-Art Gadgets to Keep an Eye on its Population

China Uses State-Of-Art Gadgets to Keep an Eye on its Population

China is the country with the largest population in the world. Its population contributes to about 18.47 percent of the entire world’s population. It can get hard sometimes to keep track of the huge number of people living in the country. However, China is at the top when innovating something new or coming up with new technologies. Likewise, the CCP or the Chinese Communist Party has come up and is committed to producing technology. The technology will be designed to control and keep an eye out on each and every individual in the country.

This mass surveillance tool will be a state-of-art surveillance camera. However, many have raised an eyebrow calling it a device of repression from the Chinese government. Chairman Robin Cleveland and Vice Chairman Carolyn Bartholomew of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission said, “The decision to use these tools of repression is politically motivated to sustain the Party.”

The surveillance camera business has gained moment in recent years. Many technological industries have switched their business to produce cameras due to the high demand. Human activists are completely against this move as they look upon it as a device of repression on the minority population. The capital of China, Beijing, has been using a system known as the Integrated Joint Operations Platform or IJOP to audit their entire population. This system is owned by the China Electronics Technology Corporation which is a state-owned military contractor.

This surveillance camera system can be used effectively to produce names of people who seem “suspicious” to the government of China. This surveillance system has taken the shape of the “central nervous system” of China. According to a microbiologist and activist and spokesperson of Falun Dafa Association, Xiaoxu “Sean” Lin, “Many technologies are involved in facial recognition including Facial Action Unit analysis, facial expression recognition, deep neuro network analysis, facial muscle movement recognition, topographic modeling, deep machine learning, and supercomputer technologies”. This technology particularly keeps an eye out for any revolutionary or anyone with independent thinking.

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