What is China’s Psychological Warfare Code Against World Countries?

What is China’s Psychological Warfare Code Against World Countries?

Nations worldwide are now perplexed, not just because of the raging pandemic, but the country it originated from. Did china intend on this bioweapon of mass destruction? And what about unsolicited territorial moves the country has been initiating? China is raising more suspicions than it ever could.

But China’s strategy game is more than what we think. The deeply embedded psychological warfare coded in their stratagems tells us about their dubious strategies.

Win without Even Making it Seem like a Fight

Rooted in its stratagems of China’s political system are three warfares codes– Legal, psychological and media warfare, which the nation plots for ultimate dominance over other nations or territories. The Chinese communist party has a saying when it comes to their psychological operations – and that is “strangle you with our own system”

It studies deep into the internal workings of your system, how countries operate? What are their loopholes? And after finding the loopholes they try to extend the gap by further aggravating it. For example – India’s Kashmir issue, where China aids Pakistan; also its recent intrusion on Indian land amid the global battle with Coronavirus or even the issue of boycotting Chinese goods; it will aim at producing lowest cost goods to take over your industries and local businesses.

For countries supporting freedom of speech; they might just protest and call you out. USA’s controversial issue against racism? China may as well use it as an excuse to stir mess amongst the American population. What about freedom of the press?  They’ll pay up press and media channels to regulate information, lying to people and spreading their propaganda.

This is winning without even putting up a fight.

This is winning without even putting up a fight.

Through their three warfare doctrine, which is adopted as their official military doings, they strategically alter how you perceive information.

Psychological/Information warfare – Information warfare is needed to dominate the flow of information in order for China’s political system to support its own strategic goals while degrading/restricting that of its opponent. We all know that Coronavirus came from China, but calling it the “Chinese virus” as you see President Trump addressing it quite often, is considered “racist.” Linking the virus with its origin is straight out considered as racist.

Talking about media warfare, it is the manipulation of information being broadcasted, and not necessarily through the media outlets but online, social media, or any form of communication between people.

The legal warfare revolves around the idea of tampering with countries and their legal offerings, and proving its own as just. Legal warfare has emphasized, with regard to political warfare, that the side which gets its message out first has an enormous advantage.


This Chinese strategy game focuses more on attacking the minds of the nation rather than asserting physical strength at its branches. But now that other nations start to decipher the true warfare code, will the country’s secret POA be more conspicuous, or will they need a new layout?

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