“Committed to AI” Soon to be an Official Relationship Status?

“Committed to AI” Soon to be an Official Relationship Status?

Single? It’s complicated? Dating a robot! Yes, the future does hold this crazy and unreal opportunity. No we aren’t talking about sex robots you satiate your kinks but robots giving you a real chance at love. If you’ve seen “Her,” on Netflix, you’ll probably know what we are talking about. Jaoquin Phoenix falls in love with an operating system.Not just any operating system, an AI system that becomes more “humane,” evolving over time through collecting information about emotions and feelings, and thus, becoming more conscious with each passing day.

Dating a robot

And quite honestly, the operating system “Samantha” in the movie was better than any of our past mates.
It was funny, smart, understanding, and everything you would wish for. Unreal, right? Yes that’s exactly what it is. But would anyone really date an AI? Well 27% of millennials already want to sign up for robot dating, a report by Havas shows.

With other popular shows such as Westworld and Humans, human-AI relationships are somewhat coming closer to being fathomable. Let’s not talk about how acceptable it would be for conventional people and religions, which supposedly have no robot clause in their old, dutiful texts.

robot dating

Seeing the first fully functional human look-alike“Sophia the Robot”, who began to demand equal rights for robots as humans, makes it clear that robots are a part of our future; and no man can deny that they do like a strong-headed woman. But would Sophia be their choice of a life partner? Umm well, answers may vary.

Chances are quite bleak as of now, but could rise profoundly until 2050 and what ceases it to happen currently is the same reason that will make people drift towards it – and that is human emotions. The sense of realness, humanly touch can never be yielded by a machine; not even the best of the codes can do that.

But while human emotions are intense and deep, they are messy and complex too. That’s where AI rather strong-arms us. Our fascination with this concept isn’t difficult to wrap our minds around: a romantic relationship with a machine taking away all of the complexity and loopholes of human emotions and communications, leaving you with something that is a much simpler and easier to bond.

And relationship coach and neuroscientist Bobbi Banks seems to agree. Talking about AI-human relationships, she says “It would provide the affection, company and love without the fear of rejection, being cheated on, or the heartbreak after a breakup. It would give people full control over their love life and it would allow them to create the “perfect robot dating partner.”

But it’s not all okay in the digital world, this might sound too good to be true, and it is quite frankly.

Having your needs always met is what everyone would desire, but then that it also delusional. You would never know if you’re right or wrong, and it will eventually lead to dissatisfaction and depression making it hard for you to accept “reality” of things. There is no such thing as perfect, even if it was, it would perish on the loamy grounds of human inconsistencies.

robot dating

While there is still time for robots to enter the dating scene completely, we’ve already begun running our imaginations wild on what it would be like! Pretty good chances of you swiping right on a robot dating app or to “Samantha AI” Tinder profile, which would be able to adjust her “interests” according to you and thousands of other user preferences. Wait, these machines are players!

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