Coronavirus Effect: Himalayas Now Visible from Jalandhar

Coronavirus Effect Himalayas Have Started To Be Visible From Jalandhar

Due to coronavirus pandemic, the whole nation is in an emergency lockdown and the city of Punjab witnessed a positive change in nature. The imposed lockdown might have forced us to stay at home, but on the other hand, the levels of air pollution and smog have recorded a drastic fall. The nationwide lockdown is giving the environment a chance to purify almost after 30 years.

The residents of Jalandhar city are witnessing lucid air and a greener environment. Improved air quality index on Friday made the spectacular frosty Himalayan ranges visible for residents of Jalandhar. The residents can now see the enchanting view of snow-capped Himalayan ranges from their rooftops and tried to capture this ‘once in a lifetime’ view with their cameras and phones.

It is believed that these visible mountains could be the Dhualdhar’s mountain ranges, which is part of a Himalayan chain of mountains in Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh. Dhualdhar’s mountain ranges lie at a distance of around 213 km from Jalandhar, Punjab.

People have flooded social media platforms with the images of this incredible sight. Indian Forest Service Officer, Parveen Kaswan, and former Cricketer, Harbhajan Singh, also took it to Twitter on Friday by sharing their captures.

A lot of shared posts have pointed towards diminishing pollution levels in India. It is because of the sharp reduction in air pollution, that the city of Punjab witnessed snow-wrapped Dhualdhar’s mountain ranges for the first time.

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