Coronavirus Impact: Sales for Self-Grooming Products See 5x Growth During Lockdown

Coronavirus Impact: Sales for Self-Grooming Products See 5x Growth During Lockdown

Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have influenced consumer spending habits and purchase decisions. As people stay inside and isolate themselves, they are finding comfort in skincare and self-care. There is an increased demand for self-grooming products. A quick scroll through social media seems to show the same. Self-grooming is all the rage, with celebrities like Anushka Sharma and Alia Bhatt getting their hair cut at home.

With salons across the country shut since lockdown began, there was a vacuum for the services of the beauty and self-care industry. In the absence of professional assistance, people have turned to self-grooming. Representatives of many e-commerce websites say these ideas of self-grooming have led to a rise in the sale of razors, hair color, and hair trimmers in metro cities, where the demand wasn’t as high before the lockdown.

According to data, there has been almost a 50% rise in the sale of grooming products like trimmers, epilators, hair straighteners, and hairdryers, among others. There is a 4.5X increase in searches since April began. While most of these products are in the range of Rs300-Rs3,500, but most buyers choose those priced between Rs800 and Rs1,200.

Due to additional time in their hands, people can indulge in more elaborate routines for skin and hair care. Many are coming up with DIY masks and remedies instead of store-bought ones. Looking and feeling good is also important for people to sustain their mental and emotional health in these times.

Even as the lockdown relaxes in places and salons open up again, consumer trends show minimal change. Many consumers have gotten used to easy self-grooming at home which is relatively inexpensive. Many are also apprehensive of going back to salons due to ever-rising numbers. There might be a slight decrease, but overall the self-grooming industry continues to show strong growth and will likely do so in the future as well.

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