Why do Coronavirus Patients Succumb to Death Suddenly?

Why do Coronavirus Patients Succumb to Death Suddenly?

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe. The numbers are simply horrifying. But the reason behind the sudden death of patients remained a mystery up until now. Doctors have finally come up with a reason why COVID-19 patients suddenly succumb to death even when they have no comorbidities.

A member of Covid think tank and the head of the Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, KGMU Hospital, Lucknow, Dr. Ved Prakash claims that the reason behind the sudden death of coronavirus patients is the formation of blood clots inside the body of the patient. Blot clots can be specifically seen in the arteries of the lungs of the coronavirus patient. These clots block the oxygen pathway in the body due to which the patient dies suddenly. According to a science magazine named Nature, this phenomenon is seen in about 30 percent of severe COVID-19 patients.

The reason for the sudden formation of blood clots has not been found by scientists until now. Our arteries are lined by flattened cells known as endothelial cells. A theory suggests that when coronavirus attacks the endothelial cells of the arteries, it leads to blood clotting. The endothelial cells of the arteries contain ACE2 receptors which can bind with the coronavirus to release certain proteins which can lead to blood clotting.

Another theory claims that when the coronavirus attacks the human body, our body’s immune system becomes hyperactive leading to blood clotting. So, according to this theory, the reason behind blood clotting in the patients’ body is inflammation. Apart from these two theories, another theory says that people having comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc. are at a higher risk of blood clotting. Other viruses such as the swine flu virus and the SARS virus are also responsible for clot formation in the body.

Dr. Ved Prakash also said that coronavirus is leading to a higher degree of blood clotting than other diseases which is why patients are dying. Many cases across the globe have reported such cases of severe blood clotting. However, research is going on to find the root cause of this problem. To detect the degree of blood clotting in coronavirus patients, doctors are performing a D dimers test. If the increased level of D dimers are detected in coronavirus patients, then the treatment plan is changed accordingly.

At the same time, doctors are also adopting other testing strategies such as CT scans and X-rays to detect blood clotting in patients. The detection of D dimers in the blood of coronavirus patients has helped doctors to provide better patient care at all levels. Biomarkers in the blood of patients have played a huge role in determining the course of treatment. Hopefully, further research into this matter will open new doors for COVID-19 treatment and help the world to overcome this pandemic.

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