The Correlation between Music and Climate Change explained

The Correlation between Music and Climate Change explained

Do you remember the stories that your Grandma told you about the revolutionary artist ‘Tansen’ whose music had the power to change the weather? I am sure that if you have heard it and questioned its validity, some part of you have always wished it to be true. Although we can’t possibly validate the above fact, we can certainly compare it with the revolutionary change that music is bringing in the field of climate change. Yes, mankind’s biggest problem in the 21st-century‘ climate change’  is being solved through the use of music. Continue reading to find out how.

Music has been a major part of many movements and revolutions across history. It has been a tool for the oppressed to put their views across the masses. It has helped mankind fight discrimination, dictatorship, and colonialism. Music has been a part of rallies of the French Revolution, Boston Coffee, and Swiss battle for freedom. Music has always been a way for people to stand up for what they believe in and this trend has not vanished in modern times. Megastars like Adele have used music to stand against the Trump Administration. Politics isn’t the only sector that needs music for upliftment.

Various causes like climate change have also sought shelter in the world of music. Some various organisations and individuals are using the power of music to motivate citizens and question authorities and industrialists.  Artists like Billie Eilish, Jadon Smith, Lana Dey Ray, Paul McCartney and many others are composing songs to create awareness about the seriousness of climate change. There are also small bands who are dedicating their entire existence to the cause, one such band is The Climate Music Project that is producing music on real-time climate change. There are also events and music performances being organised by people from different fields to raise funds to fight climate change through their hobbies. Another way in which non-artists are changing the world through music is by projects like crossword projects. This project is especially aimed to influence people’s perception towards music in a scientifically tested way. The brainchild of Physicist Robert Davies, the program has been able to organise numerous performances to get supporters and fans.

In conclusion, the art that soothes our soul is now being used to help provide some relief to mother earth. Environmentalists and activists are increasingly involved in engaging more attention towards the cause of climate change through the use of music and we hope that they are successful in their unusual but hard choice of battle.

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