Do You Know Queen Elizabeth is Immune from Prosecution? Some Amazing Powers Which The Queen Holds

We all relatively knew how much power does Queen Elizabeth holds, but some exciting facts amazed me a lot. But precisely how much power does she already holds? Queen Elizabeth has some prominent authorities:

Queen is the largest landholder in the world.

She has 6.6 billion acres of land in her name.

She is the Queen of 16 countries in total.

The Queen owns all the dolphins and whales within the 3 miles from United Kingdom shores.

The Queen can drive without a driving license because driving licenses are issued in the Queen’s name.

She doesn’t need a Passport for foreign travel.

The Queen has two Birthdays. When you are head of Britain, one birthday isn’t enough. The queen official Birthday is celebrated on a second Saturday in June. Although her actual birthday is on April 21.

The Queen has a private ATM for her family only. The ATM is inside Buckingham Palace.

Being a Queen is boring sometimes, so the Queen has her personal poet.

The Queen signs all the law. When a law is passed by the parliament it makes its way to the palace, for the approval of the Queen.

The Queen doesn;t need to pay tax. But she has been voluntarily paying income tax since 1992.

Queen Elizabeth 2 is also the Queen of Australia. She holds the ability to fire the entire Australian government.

The Queen heads the Church of England as well.

The Queen is immune from Prosecution. She can never be arrested.

She is also commander-in-chief of her majesty’s armed forces.

The Queen has the power to appoint or dismiss ministers. She can even dismiss the Prime Minister.

The person who has authority & power to declare war on another country, officially, is the Queen Elizabeth. Check and Mate.

As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”
The Queen has controlled her Power with sheer responsibility.

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