Dream Interpretations

Most people believe dreaming is just another natural part of our sleep cycle and is not paid much heed. Forget the fact that people hardly remember them. Just as previously discussed, these are just shuffled thoughts and our own reflections.

So does that make it less important? Is there a hidden message that we aren’t being able to decode? The wildest of all questions can be do we do things on the astral plain while our bodies are in rest mode and not remember any of it?

Well, questioning is human nature, in fact-finding logical explanations to our queries is another. But the fact here is these dreams actually hold a lot more importance than we think. Every dream is a clicked thought that holds some space in your brain or rather in your subconscious mind.

Now, this can be entirely different from what we think or what we know when we are awake. Maybe it’s the shuffling of the part of the human mind that we are yet to discover the use of.

So how can dream interpretation help?

In all ways, primarily in letting you know what are your deep hidden concerns. For example, there is something you have always wanted to do as a child, say being a guitarist, so now that you’re all grown up and stuck between making a living as well as supporting your family, you might see a nightmare in a deserted room that has broken instruments or you being strangled by strings.

The above reflects how you have abandoned your childhood dreams and moved on, while that desire of yours has been rotting deep inside some part of your brain. Now, you may not feel the importance or any craving for being a musician anymore, but again at some point, you did which shuffled out.

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