Education Minister Announces Two New Channels For Online Classes

Education Minister Announces Two New Channels For Online Classes

Following the latest changes in the education policy, seems like the government is on a roll. Recently, S Suresh Kumar, Minister of Primary & Secondary Education, Government of Karnataka, announced that the Education Department is undertaking arrangements to begin two channels for education. The purpose of these channels is to provide means for online education for students of all classes. Speaking at a felicitation program on Thursday, the minister said their primary objective during the COVID19 lockdown is to provide quality education to all the students.

This new measure is visualized as a comprehensive program dedicated to universalize digital education across the wide spectrum of schools. The question of quality digital education has developed a new resolve in the present context of the lockdown. The Ministry has announced that they will initiate many projects to assist teachers, scholars, and students in their pursuit of learning.

This would send a message of assurance to parents and students. The department has already identified the instructors who will impart lessons through these online channels. Regarding the re-opening of schools, the minister has said that “the top priority is the health of children and their education, and then the reopening of educational institutions.”

What is Vidyagama?

‘Vidyagama’ is a new program launched by the Ministry. “It is a continuous learning plan for children, executed to make sure that the students are connected with schools. The program has made the whole country look at our state,” said the Minister.

The larger goal of the government is to ensure easily accessible and inclusive education to children at home during the lockdown. The primary aim is to facilitate digitalization and reduce learning gaps. There is a detailed report made public by the Ministry. It can be read to get a better understanding of the various initiatives taken to enable remote and online learning and education for all by taking the schools to the students.

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