Entertainment Gone Wrong: 5 Movies that Caused Real Life Deaths

Entertainment Gone Wrong: 5 Movies that Caused Real Life Deaths

‘That movie can scare you to death!’ You must have heard this phrase so many times from people around you. But can people really die? The answer is yes. Here’s what happens to your body when you watch a horror movie; your brain reacts to produce post-traumatic stress inducing hormones. After you watch a movie, your mind carries reminisce of the scenes and your body is unable to different between memories and fiction. In many cases, it can also lead to adrenaline rush, elevated cortisone levels, sweaty palms, tensed muscles, spike in blood pressure and increase in the heart rate. In many cases it can also lead to depression. Here are 5 movies that have lead to real-life deaths.

1. Krrish (2006)


This is Bollywood flick was India’s attempt in created its very own superhero. It was actually the sequel to the hit film ‘Koi Mil Gya’ that revolved around a boy who gets magical powers after an encounter with an alien. The movie was an instant hit amid the Indian youngsters and that’s where the problem crept in. The movie led to a death of 20-year-old boy from Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, who, in an attempt to copy a movie scene, jumped out of the window and died.

2. Avatar (2009)


The 3D CGI-materpiece Avatar by James Cameron was a revolutionary visual accomplishment, but sadly it was a little too distracting for a poor Taiwanian mind. An unnamed 42-year-old felt sick, left the show in an unconscious state. He suffered a serious stroke when he entered the hospital, and died eleven days later. The man had a history of high blood pressure, and doctors accused his death of “watching the film with over-excitement.”

3.Raju Gadi Gadhi (2015)

Raju Gadi Gadhi (2015)

Perhaps the direction of 2015 flick Raju Gadi Gadhi was too realistic. The Indian horror comedy tells the story of seven reality TV show competitors who are trying to survive a night in a haunted house. To a man aged 55, who suffered a heart attack and died in a screening in Hyderabad, this viewing experience was too much. It was recorded that, twice during the film, the man, called “Amaranatham” went out but returned each time. However, after the show when the theatre staff started to clear the room, Amaranatham was found dead on his seat.

4. The conjuring 2 (2016)

The conjuring 2 (2016)

With the fact that the Conjuring franchise is based on the presumed real life exploits of actual people, it gains extra points for scariness. Yet, The Conjuring 2 in 2016 was a bit too disturbing for one Indian movie watcher. According to the Times of India article, an unidentified attendee died at the film screening in Tiruvannamalai. A 65-year-old man was reported to have complained of chest pain during the film and was taken to the hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

5. Jaws (1975)

Jaws (1975)

The 45-year-old Elmer C. Sommerfield was at a screening with his wife Marilyn in Ford City Cinema Chicago, a few months after Jaws arrived in the theatre. Summerfield collapsed from a heart attack, forty-five minutes into the film. The theatre director, Vince Tripodi was told about the situation and Sommerfield’s wife called for an ambulance. Meanwhile, CPR was performed by two medical officers for 10 minutes before the arrival of paramedics. Sadly, it was not enough and she succumbed on the way to the hospital.
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