Epic Tinder Fails

Tinder is one of the most famous online dating platforms worldwide and is also termed as a ‘Hookup App’ by many. Tinder allows its users to like or dislike profiles by swiping left or right, based on their pictures, small descriptions, and common interests. Once there is a match, the two users can exchange messages.

Despite being known for no strings attached dating or casual hookups, there have been some successful stories from Tinder where people have found their love and ended up in a long haul relationship and even marriage. Nevertheless, such incidences seem to be rare in my opinion.
Just like any other site, even on Tinder, it is never a guarantee that one would be able to secure a date. And some may even fail miserably. Well, I have brought a collection of some epic tinder fails from around the globe.

Only for entertainment purposes!
Check them out below 😀

1. Telling a girl she is overweight.

2. Never, I repeat, never use anything like this.

Her – **pooooof**

3. Aise Kaise Chalega Didi?

4. Everything is business nowadays.

5. He saw that coming.

6. Can be “Shitty”, but Love is Love!

7. Corona hits Tinder as well.

8. She got burned by a Legend.


9. A not-so-automated reply.


One more for all my Tinder brothers out there:

I hope the above stories don’t resemble your dating life, and if it does, “all the best” then.

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