Epic Tweets by Police Departments that will Make you Laugh

Epic Tweets by Police Departments

If you’ve always imagined the Police Officers of our country strict and mean, consider yourself challenged! While we have the option to stay home and protected against the deadly tentacles of the virus, the Police Department is not only out there to ensure our safety, but also actively spreading awareness via humorous tweets. This compilation of carefully picked hilarious tweets will make you think twice!

1. This had to be number one. You wouldn’t deny, would you?

2. Maybe, maybe this one time you could put thought into what the sun sign has to say about you, right?

3. Lockdown or no lockdown, Mumbai Police hopes you know where to not go.

4. Pune Police’s reply will definitely leave you awestruck here. So what happened is, Nidhi Doshi tweets for a police station’s number.

Epic Tweets by Police Departments

But then, Mr. Benjamin here had some other plans until:

Awestruck yet?

5. The choice between ‘while’ and ‘wheelchair’ is in your hands, Bengaluru City Police leaves it up to you with this tweet.

6. If this caption isn’t the caption of the century, especially when it’s made by the BCP, I don’t know what is.

7. Mumbai Police as a teacher in the first lecture of Cyber Safety.

8. Mumbai Police strikes again with a Ludo lesson for all Ludo lovers out there!

Who would’ve thought that Police handles of Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune had their humour levels touching sky nine? It’s nice to see how they’re actively spreading awareness through such witty tweets. Whether it’s about encouraging the use of helmets, saying ‘no’ to drugs, or about staying home during the pandemic. Hats off to these selfless humans who’re out there to ensure that we’re safe and protected at home!

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