Five Most Bizarre Championships in The World

There are a lot of high-level competitions which gather public attention all around the year. These world championships call for participants that have gone through days, or sometimes years to practice. But, what about the unusual competitions that we haven’t ever heard about?  Here are some bizarre championships you would like to know about, for sure.


This championship started in Sonkajarvi, Finland. In this contest, the male/husband has to carry the female/wife through a track that has different obstacles. The couple that completes the race in the fastest time, wins. The price given in this competition is beer which weighs equal to the female/wife.


This championship started in Brisbane, Australia. It is also titled as “Australia Day Cockroach Races”, and is held on January 26 (also known as Australia Day). In this championship, the cockroaches are placed in the middle of the ring, and the cockroach that reaches to the edge of the ring first is declared as the winner. The winning cockroach in the first event was named as “Soft Cocky.”


Its origin is unclear but in one of the local newspapers the game was described as an ancient tradition. In this competition, those having no teeth are considered to have the finest gurn capabilities. Elderly or toothless people are capable of gurns which cover the entire nose. Best known burner, Peter Jackman from England has won this championship four times. Tommy Mattinson from the UK has won this title fifteen times, and Anne Woods has won women’s world title 28 times.


This championship originated in Ukraine and was initiated by Petro Prokopovych. It is the practice of wearing thousands of honey bees all over the body. Ruan Liangming was filmed by Guinness World Records for wearing approximately 637,000 bees including around 60 queen bees all over his body (weighing about 63.5 KG in May 2014). As of 31 August 2017, there is a record of wearing bees for the longest time which is for 61 minutes.


It originated in North America. Coleman-McGhee was the founder of the same. It is an art of throwing a stone across the water in a particular way. Stone should bounce the surface of the water as many times it can. In simple words, how many times a stone bounces before sinking in water. Kurt Steiner (Mountain Man) holds the Guinness World Record for the number of skips i.e. 88.

These were some bizarre championships that we bet you never have heard about, until now! These competitions around the world aren’t exactly testing your mettle or mental and physical strength, but they are fun and challenging in their own way. Do you want to add something to the list? Why not tell us your bizarre championship experience in the comments below?


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