5 Best Future Car Concepts that Left us Shook!

2. Hyundai S-A1 Urban Air Mobility concept

Forget Tesla, Your future rides are going to be “Nothing” like you thought; these car concepts are better than all of our thoughts combined. They say everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.

So here’s to the future car concepts that are underpinned by some pretty awesome designers. We bet these cars are going to make you droll, maybe even wanting you to hoarding money to make them yours in the future.

1. The Blade Runner: Renault EZ-Tournee Concept

1. The Blade Runner: Renault EZ-Tournee Concept

The car is, in every sense, ultra-futuristic with a roomy cabin providing amazing visibility for two passengers, and a minimalist exterior with fenders that are tilted inwards. The car also promises to be both fully electric and entirely capable of driving itself with AI assistance. It has some pretty cool aesthetic looks as well!

2. Hyundai S-A1 Urban Air Mobility Concept

Hyundai S-A1

If the future isn’t about flying, do we even want that future? Well seems like Hyundai and Uber have heard our low-key wishes and are working to bring a brand new concept to the automobile space.

Now, this is a car/private jet hybrid where Uber and Hyundai are venturing to build flying taxis for ride-hailing service, as part of the new Uber Elevate urban air travel service.

It will incapacitate five people, including the pilot, and has four electrically driven props with a vertical alignment.

3. Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR Concept

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

Does this look familiar? If you look closely, you’ll notice the car inspired by 2009 James Cameron “Avataar.” Mercedes future car concept moves an extra mile and gives the machine a human version. The Vision AVTR will be a more intuitive machine. It will be able to read your pulse and sense your breathing, and a wide display in the front would show a crystal-clear vision of the world outside.

It will have the four wheels lightened up along with the car crab walking sideways, Not just this, the back hatch shall be covered in 33 “bionic flaps,” which will enable it to move in different directions.

4. BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

BMW is keeping its vision conventional yet modern when it comes to its vision next 100 car concept. Keeping in mind that people would still enjoy driving cars by themselves; the car concept keeps the front seat to the driver but gives him extra-capabilities to turn into the ultimate driver. With a spacious cabin, while retaining the company’s vision on styling cues, BMW has different modes for your moods.

It also has HUD windshields warning you against additional risks and brining more situation awareness, and if you aren’t fast enough to respond, your car will do the necessary for you.

5. Rolls-Royce 103EX “The Vision 100”

Rolls-Royce 103EX

Unlike BMW’s expressed belief, Rolls Royce’s “The Vision 100” is a completely autonomous vehicle that produces zero emissions. Owners of this luxury car will have a full-cabin transparent OLED display; with an interior made of Macassar wood and hand-twisted-silk in each of its upholstery.

Its 28-inch covered wheels will be crafted with 65 handmade pieces of aluminum which will be in sync with best suspension offerings for the best ride. Not just changing the car concept, Rolls-Royce wants to shift the paradigm of car design from just the designer to the common people who would be able to virtually create a car of any shape, or style imaginable.

Aren’t these future car concepts absolutely surreal? Seems like all our sci-fi wildest dreams are finally taking shape (well not right now but yeah eventually it will roll out!). Which one will you place your bet on? Let us know.

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