What does The Future of TikTok Celebs look like?

The Future of TikTok Celebs

Aren’t you tired of all the tweets grilling Tiktok celebs already and are curious about what their future looks like, then you are at the right place. The government’s decision to ban 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok earlier this week was a huge hit for millions of TikTok users in the country. Though some users are lamenting the death of an entertaining platform, others have bigger concerns. Tiktok celebs or influencers with a huge following on the platform used the same to generate revenue of an amount ranging from a few thousand to more than 50 lakh rupees a month, depending on the following base. Now, the question is with their primary source of income gone, what is next for them?

Contrary to popular opinion, most famous tiktokers won’t be affected badly by the TikTok ban. Users with more than a million followers on TikTok were able to leverage that for generating more followers and an additional revenue on other social media platforms like Instagram. With already a huge follower base on other platforms, won’t be a problem for huge tiktokers to generate revenue, all they will need to do is change the platform and they are sorted.

The only user base that can face a little trouble would be the micro-influencers on TikTok with less than a million followers, as most of them have not redirected a huge fanbase to alternate social platforms. Saying that these influencers are not solely dependent on TikTok to generate revenue and usually have other sources of income, unlike the mega TikTok stars. This segment will probably be the first to make use of budding content creation platforms like roposo, to get ahead in the competition.

In conclusion, no segment of TikTok is majorly affected by the ban and maybe that is the reason all of them are collectively supporting the government’s decision. Though some might complain about the interface of other apps, gradually everyone is expected to get used to creating content on other platforms. Also, Instagram is coming up with a TikTok replica called ‘reels’ and planning to monetize igtv and hence the future of tiktokers isn’t as dark as we thought.

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