Why is Our Generation Obsessed with Psychological Thrillers?

Why is Our Generation Obsessed with Psychological Thrillers?

Psychological thrillers are the newest obsession of movie lovers and binge-watchers all over the world. Catering to the demand for this genre, media houses and OTT platforms are coming up with new movies and shows every day to please their viewers. Before the 21st century, the world couldn’t even think of accepting let alone loving a new genre of movies. This has been proven wrong by Psychological thrillers gaining wide viewership in recent years. This gives rise to a question: How were Psychological Thrillers able to fight with well-established genres like Drama and Romance?

The answer to this question can be evolution. eople are increasingly shifting to the meaningful cinema rather than cinema that is only entertaining. The craving for intellect along with entertainment is encouraging the population to make the shift. Psychological thrillers have the power to engage all our senses and challenge us mentally. Though this argument is enough to establish a reason behind someone’s inclination towards psychological thrillers, evolution doesn’t answer obsessive nature. Following is a list of theories that can explain the probable reason behind our obsession with psychological thrillers.

1. Fascination for Violence

Many viewers report that they seem to get enchanted by this genre and once they start, they can’t seem to stop watching. One argument could be; the morbid fascination that humans have for violence and calamity as that is not a part of their regular lives. This fascination, when backed by the curiosity of broken minds and ambiguous humans, leads to the obsession of mortals with psychological thrillers, which cater to both the above-mentioned needs.

2. Self Centered Human

Another augment can be the self-centred attitude of humans. Whenever we watch a thriller movie, we relate either to one character or the other. In the case of psychological thrillers where we draw similarities between ourselves and the victim or the detective, we feel the need to know the entire story. We are so engrossed in the character’s behaviour that knowing every aspect of the character becomes important.

3. Hormonal Theory

The last and our favourite argument is the hormonal theory. The twists and turns in a psychological thriller activate a dormant part of our brains, which sets off chemicals that make us happy, and the feeling can be very addictive. The exposure to dangerous situations, the twists and turns of the story that give a real-life experience to readers and viewers in a controlled environment. So, without danger it allows viewers to enjoy adrenaline flow and excitement of a real-life drama in a vicarious manner.

All of the arguments seem reasonable and are also backed by research. There is a possibility that all of these arguments hold and different ones apply to different people, which will explain how everyone from introverts to extroverts collectively loves this genre.

If you had fun reading this, let us know your favourite psychological thriller movie in the comments.

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