Google Says ‘Thank You’ to Delivery Staff with Hearts and A Colourful Doodle

Google Says ‘Thank You’ To Delivery Staff With Hearts And A Colourful Doodle

World’s largest search engine Google on Wednesday paid tribute to all the packaging, shipping, transporter and delivery workers with a special colourful GIF doodle. Today’s Google doodle in India showed letter ‘G’ for Google holding a courier and spreading love to letter ‘e’, who is dressed to look like a delivery boy. If you take a keen look at the doodle, you will see the letter ‘e’ dressed as transport workers driving a courier van.

After clicking on the animated doodle it takes you to the Google search bar and shows the result ‘thank you coronavirus helpers’, who are confronting coronavirus from the front end. Apart from this, the results also feature an ad about the latest information of coronavirus (COVID-19) in India that redirects you to the government-initiated website:

Earlier this month, the California-based company also shared a ‘stay home, save lives’ doodle with tips to prevent the rapid spread of the deadly virus. Few days ago, it also honored doctors, nurses, and medical workers around the world for combating coronavirus.

Nowadays Google has started a new ‘Thank You’ campaign by sharing a series of doodles to raise awareness in the human mind. The digital well-wisher said it would continue the new series of doodles over the next two weeks to pay respect to the coronavirus warriors for their tireless efforts.

The campaign was first started on April 6. On its official media page, Google has explained the aim of the series by stating, “Over the next two weeks, our doodles will honor other essential frontline workers, including healthcare workers, first responders and the many people keeping services like sanitation, food service, public transit, schools, and more up and running. Thank you to all the people who are working to save lives and keep communities safe during this pandemic.”

Google Doodles: ‘thank you coronavirus helpers’
April 6: For public health workers and researchers in the scientific community


April 7: For doctors, nurses, and medical workers

April 8: For emergency services workers

April 9: For custodial and sanitation workers

April 10: For Farm workers and farmers

April 13: For essential commodities and grocery workers

April 14: For public transportation workers

April 15: For packaging, shipping, and delivery workers

April 16: For food service workers

April 17: For teachers and childcare workers

April 18: For coronavirus helpers

Credit: Google
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