Health Ministry’s Warning Against the Use of N-95 Masks with Valve Respirators!

Health Ministry's Warning Against the Use of N-95 Masks with Valve Respirators!

When we talk about dealing with the deadly coronavirus, it looks as if our cake is dough. The coronavirus pandemic is getting worse as the days pass, and there is nothing that a layman can do about it. But, to protect ourselves, the government and the CDC recommends to use face masks and follow social distancing guidelines. However, the government recently wrote a letter to states to ban the use of N-95 masks with valve respirators. What prompted them to do so? Take a look!

The Director-General of Health Services (DGHS), Rajiv Garg, wrote a letter to the Principal Secretaries of health and medical education of states pointing out the ‘inexpedient use’ of N-95 masks with valve respirators by the public. The letter said, “It is to bring to your knowledge that the use of valved respirator N-95 masks is detrimental to the measures adopted for preventing the spread of coronavirus as it does not prevent the virus from escaping out of the mask.”

Why are N95 Masks with Valve Respirator Being Criticized?

Various doctors across the country have shared their thoughts about the inability of N-95 masks with valve respirators to curb the coronavirus infection. According to experts, when you wear an N-95 mask with valve respirator and exhale, the air goes out of the valve. Now, if a person infected with coronavirus exhales via the valve respirator of N-95 mask, then the coronavirus infectious particles will be released into the air. Therefore, rendering several individuals prone to the infection. So, an N-95 mask with valve respirator fails the objective of stopping the spread of coronavirus. However, masks without respirators are completely safe and do not spread the coronavirus infection.

Which Mask Should I Wear to Protect Myself?

The government has advised people to use homemade cloth masks for protection. The N-95 masks and surgical masks are to be reserved for healthcare professionals. If you are not in contact with any coronavirus patient or are not visiting a hospital, then a homemade cloth mask is sufficient for your protection.

Cloth masks although not as high grade as N-95 masks, do what it says on the tin. Also, if you are taking care of a coronavirus patient, or are visiting a hospital, then wear a surgical mask or an N-95 mask without a valve respirator.

Social distancing and personal hygiene are our only hopes to prevent the coronavirus infection from spreading. So, please stay updated on the government guidelines and follow them accordingly.

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